Reasons to Invest in User Experience


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User Experience is all about creating experiences for the users to ensure that they stay loyal to your brand. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in user experience.


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Reasons to Invest in User Experience (UX):

Reasons to Invest in User Experience (UX)


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About Us:

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UX is all about how the user feels about the website or application while interacting The main aim of UX is fulfilling the user’s requirements It provides the best experiences to users keeping them loyal to the brand Importance of User Experience

Popular Industry Examples:

Popular Industry Examples’s revenues jumped 35% after they listened to their community and incorporated suggestions into their homepage redesign. Choosing a specific blue over some other hues amounted to an additional $80 million in the annual revenue for Bing. In the first 90 days alone, after the website relaunched, we doubled our monthly lead volume and increased the conversion rate of our prospects to sales leads by 30%.* *

Here are the reasons to invest in User Experience :

Here are the reasons to invest in User Experience

Boost Sales and ROI:

The money you invest in UX is returned in the form of ROI. Tech Giants such as Apple, Amazon, and Google invest a lot more in UX. Investing in UX is one- time investment that keeps itself paying for the long-term. Boost Sales and ROI

Saves Money and Time:

Saves Money and Time If a user is spending more time on your website, it is coherent that they will spend money on you. If UX is more engaging and user-friendly, it will automatically decrease the bounce rate. 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for greater customer experience.

Escalates Decision Making Capability:

Escalates Decision Making Capability Understanding the customers’ needs and requirements is crucial for business growth. This will escalate your decision-making capability ultimately making customers happy. It requires adequate research into the customers’ psyche.

Better Reviews:

Today, people are easily influenced by online reviews as they come from people around us. If you upset one customer, thousands of people reading the review will decide not to invest in your brand. It is very important to understand the customers’ need and build the product accordingly. Better Reviews

Boost Team Spirit:

Boost Team Spirit It’s difficult to design and build the interfaces every single day. If your product or website provides good user experience your team will feel motivated. If the team believes that product fulfils the users’ need then user will take the call on it.


Online decisions are made on how engaging and serviceable your site or application is. Within a fraction of a second, you can create a positive experience for users if you have a good UX.

Cygnet Capabilities:

UI AND UX RESEARCH UI and UX DESIGN BrAND IDENTITY DESIGN Graphic design We can quickly mobilize a UX research and design team that you need to d evelop a concrete understanding of your users and the deliverables. We design solid digital experiences by paying attention to the macro and micro details of the design. We understand your users and your business goals prioritizing efficiency and impact. We enable brands to combine design and messaging to evoke emotion and drive strategy. Our designs help you to convey the value of your company to employees inside and customers outside the organization. We deliver high-quality graphic designs that demand more attention and provide credibility by synthesizing text to simple visuals, by providing clarity to your purpose, and by bringing more emotion to your messaging. Cygnet Capabilities


If you are struggling with your websites or your applications, our experts can help you navigate your consumers to their predetermined product or service in the most efficient way with rapid productization and scalable architecture


100% Agile More aligned, higher autonomy to deliver high quality enterprise applications Technology First Adaptable & Flexible in order to serve customers irrespective of their domain Partnering with you at each engagement level, right from ideation to UAT Rapid Productization The Cygnet Advantage People Quality Teams with strong understanding of ethos & culture, fully capable of mitigating risk Proven track record of meeting best-in-class quality standard with in-house testing product ‘Testing Whiz’ Progressive Testing Scalable Architecture Engineering for the future, today

Cygnet Values:

Cygnet Values Speed Entrepreneurial Spirit Integrity Team Work Trusteeship Mutual Respect


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