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Website: Tel: 888-316-0855 Google plus: Official Facebook: Official Twitter: Emotional support animals provide an invaluable service to millions of people who suffer from emotional disabilities. We’ve heard from so many people about how they think they would benefit from an ESA, but don’t know where to begin. The first thing to know is that to legally own an ESA, a patient must have gone through an evaluation and get an ESA doctor’s note from a licensed mental health professional. People don’t always know how to access a therapist for an emotional support animal letter, we make that service available through our website. Look at Our Products: -ESA Kits -ESA Dog Vests -ESA Patches -ESA Evaluation Letter -ESA Accessories Check out our shop at for more info!


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Registering Dog as Service Dog When registering your dog it will receive all the benefits. When registering you are required to follow the following steps the first part you provide the details of your dog like the animals name animal type whether cat or dog the breed animal date of birth estimates of the animal birth date will be accepted if you don’t know the exact time of birth you have to provide animals weigh in pounds the sex of the dog either male or female the photo of the dog is also important you may choose from the different method to add the photo may it be through email or you upload the image of your pet directly. It is wise to register the dog so as you adhere to the state’s law you can imagine a situation whereby your dog is not registered and then it get an accident and the bodies protecting the animal finds out that your dog is not registered. You will be at great loss as you will pay for the charges that will be incurred by the dog through its treatment and incase of the death you will be charged for the death of the dog. If you are purchasing a pure breed dog you have to get it registered from the owner who is selling you the dog. Once you receive the registration applications for the dog and check if it has the pin code and the registration account. If the pet doesn’t have the account you must register the pet for you to obtain the pin and for the pet to have the account to store its details nicely. We have some registration companies which emphasis on registration of dogs. The reasons as to why dogs should be registered are to allow them to be covered by either medical covers insurances and also to be identified as a member of the registration company. The processes which are followed for registering the dogs are all the same to all the dogs that are being registered with various parties the process which you will follow for one dog will hold even if you are having more than 200 dogs you will follow the same procedure. The things that you will provide on registering your dog is the basic information of the dogs like the name of the dog gender of the dog age of the dog the breed of the dog the weight of the dog and mostly important is the photo of the dog which should be in the hd form clear and of late. Also if you have other information about the dog and you feel you want to share you are provided with the platform to share all that. Various landlords or homeowners association will provide reasonable accommodation by waving a no-pet rule or pet deposit for registering the animal. But they are legally allowed to do so if they have a letter from a licensed mental health fractioned.

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Emotional support animal may be allowed in the work place or school this is another benefit as no any place you will be hindered to go with your pet you will move with it to wherever you feel to. The rights that one who is registered with the emotional support animal will enjoy are you will receive a card with statues and an explanation of your rights to present to anyone who enquires about your animal as well as access to our staff and legal professionals. All the processes should be followed on registering the dog you will have to save a lot of time resources and also a life

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