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Laminitis is the inflammation of the sensitive laminae of the foot. This occurs usually in horses but may be seen in cattle.

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Etiology: 1) Predisposing causes: Heavy body weight, spreading feet. 2) Exciting causes: Enterotoxaemia resulting from over eating. Drinking of cold water immediately after hard work. Overwork Toxemia Standing for long time

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Epidemiology: Horses are the most susceptible. Heavy weight and young cattle (4-6 months age) are also susceptible. Introduced too much grain. Trauma to the foot. High prevalence occur after a sole ulcer to the animal.

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Clinical signs: Lameness. Refusal to move, stiff gait. Temperature is elevated ( 103-104° F) Increased respiration. Pain in all four hooves, so lift of hoofs. Affected animals lie down. May also show Bloat, Diarrhea ,& Toxemia.

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Diagnosis based on : a) Clinical history Pain on palpation around the coronet. Exudation of serum at the coronet. b ) Clinical findings : Lameness and warm feet. Refusal to move, stiff gait c) Necropsy findings : Stomach contain excessive amount of grain. Necrosis of laminar tissue . d) Isolation of causal agent e) Radiographic intervention

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Diffential diagnosis : Tetanus Azoturia Arthritis Ephemeral fever In cattle & lambs recumbency.

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Treatment : Cold application . eg . Ice pack, keeping the foot in the cold water. Administering anti-histaminic drugs such as pheneramine meleate ( Astavet  , ACME) @sheep/goat :0.5-1 ml IM Administered corticosteroids drugs such as dexamethasone ( Dexavet  , Techno) @ 1-2 ml/10 kg Body weight IM. Glucose saline solution is administerd eg . Dextrose To relief pain NASIDs may be used such as Diclofenac sodium Eg ., Diclovet  RENETA @ 1ml/25kg body weight deep IM. Auto hemotheropy .

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Prevention & Control: Heavy carbohydrate feeding should be avoided. To use high quality roughages Careful and planned housing should be provided. Exercise should be provided around calving time Vaccination



Presented by Sharifuzzaman Roll no. 31 Reg. no. 01412 Session: 2006-07 Faculty of animal Science & veterinary medicine PSTU.:

Presented by Sharifuzzaman Roll no. 31 Reg. no. 01412 Session: 2006-07 Faculty of animal Science & veterinary medicine PSTU.

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