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Overview of Renewable Energy Programs July 26, 2007: 

Overview of Renewable Energy Programs July 26, 2007 Jennifer Szaro, Renewable Energy Project Engineer Strategic Planning

Business Goals and Objectives: 

Business Goals and Objectives Provide a hedging strategy against impending regulatory requirements through the acquisition of renewable energy credits (RECs) Leverage state and federal incentives offered to encourage the development of customer-sited assets Offer an option to customer requests for environmentally-friendly energy choices Pursuing least-cost planning for future energy investments

Current Renewable Energy Activities: 

Current Renewable Energy Activities Solar for Schools Project 5 schools installed In discussions with OCPS to expand program OUC will sponsor education kits Orange County Landfill Methane Recovery Project Displaces more than 3% of fossil fuel purchases Investigating landfill gas potential at new sites OUC’s Administration Building Applying for LEED Gold Certification Includes solar hot water and 32 KW PV System Applied for Clean Renewable Energy Bonds Biodiesel Purchases for Fleet 2007 purchases will total more than 120,000 gallons Evaluating joint purchase opportunities with other government entities

Hybrid Vehicle Commitment: 

Hybrid Vehicle Commitment Members of Plug-In Partnership Toyota Prius Hybrid Fleet for Conservation Specialists (5) vehicles (1) will be retrofitted to be a plug-in hybrid Toyota Camry Hybrid Fleet for Executive Staff (7) vehicles Due in September

Proposed Renewable Energy Efforts: 

Proposed Renewable Energy Efforts Teaming with Orange County for solar project on Convention Center Will re-apply for DEP RE Grants Program OC received grant from U.S. DOE for system design Up to 1 MW solar project dependent on funding Orlando’s Bright Future Alliance Partnering with City of Orlando and Orange County Joint Green Initiatives Conducting feasibility study with City of Orlando and Orange County on waste to energy gasification Hired Shaw Environmental Anticipated completion in September Evaluating new biomass opportunities Pursuing Florida Municipal Energy Efficiency Committee (FMEC) joint project opportunities

GHG Inventory and Climate Strategy: 

GHG Inventory and Climate Strategy RFP released in June Outcomes: Comprehensive sustainability audit Baseline GHG impacts Annual reporting mechanism Review of regulatory and market impacts Industry benchmarking analysis Organizational GHG reduction plan including renewables and efficiency

OUC Green Energy Program: 

OUC Green Energy Program Green energy blend of: Local biogas (75%) Local solar (20%) Purchased wind (5%) Open to residential and commercial customers $5 per green energy block supports 200 KWH of green power $10 per 100% solar energy 200 KWH block Positive net revenues estimated by year 2 of operation Marketing RFP being issued Renewable Energy Credit Trading Certification RFP being issued Pending Board and FPSC Approval

Program Relationship Diagram: 

Program Relationship Diagram

Proposed Solar Incentives: 

Proposed Solar Incentives Production incentive programs for residential and commercial customers PV (solar electric) panels Solar hot water systems Proposed billing solution through a financial institution partner Low or no interest payments on utility bill Awaiting board approval from lender OUC obtains all Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) through metering May offset anticipated emissions requirements/penalties Excess sold on open market as revenue to business unit All systems require a second meter to track total KWH produced OUC offers Preferred Contractor Network Pending Board and FPSC Approval

Combined Incentives for Commercial PV: 

Combined Incentives for Commercial PV 25 Kilowatt DC Array 25 Year Life All energy used onsite Total System Cost = $198,750 Incentive Savings = $167,500 Final Cost = $31,250 Estimated LEC = $0.046/KWH Typical Avg. electric cost $0.095/kWh

Pilot Program Projections: 

Pilot Program Projections PV Estimates Commercial 1,800 KW Residential 540 KW Solar Thermal KW Estimates Commercial 1,350 KW Residential 1,080 KW Total 4,770 KW

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