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Herschel / HIFI: 

Herschel / HIFI Status mirrors FM/FS Status COA QM Status COA FM Financial situation COA FM Status MSA FM/FS

Status mirrors FM/FS : 

Status mirrors FM/FS Request for a quote sent out to TNO/LFM 2003-08-13 Quotation available at ETH 2003-09-01 Purchase order sent out to TNO 2003-09-03 Circulation of purchase order in Holland 2003-09-10 Expected delivery of 1st batch (42 mirrors) 2003-11-01 Expected delivery of 2nd batch (22 mirrors) 2003-12-01 Expected delivery of 3rd batch (22 mirrors) 2004-01-15 Further requests, quotations, purchase orders is an ongoing process between SRON, LFM, TPD/TNO and ETH

Status COA QM: 

Status COA QM Release for riveting 2003-05-18 Delivery rivet samples to SRON Stork FDO 2003-06-30 Conclusions from rivet samples by SRON 2003-08-13 Updated riveting procedures HTS/RUAG 2003-08-21 Delivery of single parts for riveting 2003-09-15 Start riveting process at RUAG aerospace 2003-09-24 Riveting completed ~2003-10-06 Delivery review foreseen ~2003-10-07

Status COA FM: 

Status COA FM Kick off COA FM phase C/D 2003-07-10 Full set of drawings available at HTS 2003-07-22 Starting date at HTS Wallisellen 2003-08-04 Review MAIP 2003-08-18 Manufacturing release 2003-09-16 Latest documents delivered to HTS 2003-09-26 Manufacturing assembly review 2003-12-15 Delivery review COA + Container 2004-02-05

Financial situation COA FM: 

Financial situation COA FM 1st estimation from experience in phase B 495,0 KEuro New estimation during man. in phase B 445,0 KEuro Quotation explicitly given by HTS 430,5 KEuro Agreed Firm Fix price by ESA 350,0 KEuro Available budget from PRODEX 325,0 KEuro Missing amount of money to pay for 25,0 KEuro

Status MSA FM/FS: 

Status MSA FM/FS Negotiation meeting at HTS 2003-07-10 Starting date 2003-07-28 Review MAIP 2003-09-16 Manufacturing AR 2003-12-15 Delivery review 2004-02-05 Permanent delivery of MSA parts to SRON foreseen according to priority list

Financial situation MSA FM: 

Financial situation MSA FM Quotation given by HTS 542,2 KEuro Agreed Firm Fix price by ESA 542,2 KEuro Available budget from PRODEX 666,0 KEuro Left over to cover FM COA (25 KEuro), ECR (~30 KEuro) + unforeseen expenses 123,8 KEuro

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