role of business communication in success of business


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Role Of Business Communication In Success Of Business Presented By: Asad Ullah Khan Niazi


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Role Of Business Communication In Success Of Business:

Role Of Business Communication In Success Of Business Presented By: Asad Ullah Khan Niazi

What Is Communication?:

What Is Communication? Communication is process of sending and reciving information, ideas, opinions, and facts between 2 or more persons. Organizational communication, broadly speaking, is: people working together to achieve individual or collective goals. (Miller, 2002)

Communication In Business:

Communication In Business Communication is blood line of organization. Without communication there should be no business in our surroundings. Business Communication is any communication used to promote a product, service, or organization – with the objective of making sale. In business communication, message is conveyed through various channels of communication including internet, print (publications), radio, television, outdoor, and word of mouth.

Types Of Business Communcation:

Types Of Business Communcation There are two types of business communication in an organization: Internal Communication External Communication

Internal Communication:

Internal Communication Upward Communication: The communication take place from lower level to uper level of an organization e.g submission of reports by employees. Downward Communication: Communication take place from uper level to lower level of an organization e.g CEO gives order to manager of company.

Internal Communication:

Internal Communication Horizontal Communication : Communication take place on same level of hierarchy in organization e.g. annual meeting of board of directors.

External Communication:

External Communication Communication take place outside the business to carry on business activities.

Business Communication Blood Line Of An Organization:

Business Communication Blood Line Of An Organization Because it help us to bring: Increase productivity. Reduce stress Better understand what other says. Better understand how to get your message across. Enhance relationships Save time and money.

Why Communication Is Important In Business?:

Why Communication Is Important In Business? Communication in business is important because: To build up reputation among customers and friends. To create better relation between seniors and sub ordinates workers and the management customers and the sellers To increase sales. For the promotion of a product, services or organization. B2B deals.

How To Improve Business Communication:

How To Improve Business Communication By removing barriers in communication: Noise Culture differences Stereotype Psychological barriers Physical barriers

How To Improve Business Communication:

How To Improve Business Communication The importance of (only) positive language: Using positive language and eliminating the negative is important to help build rapport with others. Controlling anger when someone yells at you : Suppose someone walks into your office and without warning and for no reason as far as you're concerned) starts yelling at you. How should you respond? Good listening and understanding: For good communication you should be a good listener as well you should understand what u have hared.

Business Communication And 4 P’s:

Business Communication And 4 P’s 4 P’s of marketing directly related to business communication and success of business: Product Price Place Promotion

Channels Of Business Communication:

Channels Of Business Communication These are channels of communication that plays important role in success of business: Mail TV Print media Telecommunication Radio Face 2 Face Internet Social networking like e.g. facebook, twitter etc

Key To Success For Any Business:

Key To Success For Any Business Communication is key to success of business because it brings: Customer Service Discipline and Commitment Time Management Financial Management Organization Pricing Strategy Experience and Ability Marketing Sales Continued Improvement

History And Evolution In Communication:

History And Evolution In Communication


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