Tips for creating Mobile Friendly Website

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Tips for Creating Mobile Friendly Website:

Tips for Creating Mobile Friendly Website


Mobile friendly websites attract the visitors view and make them to visit many times as per their needs. This points will precisely indicate you the tips to create mobile friendly website.

Stick on to high-resolution images :

Stick on to high-resolution images High resolution images are quite important on the responsive website to ensure the users experience in high standard. Say for instance the latest models of iOS devices contain high-definition screens which require images double the resolution of a desktop It will help to avoid blurry and pixilated images while viewing through retina-quality screen .

Screen design :

Screen design Designing mobile screen is very important to attract visitors. Some rules are there such as using proper button sizes and spaces between them, avoiding overloading the pages with images and leaving those interfering popups behind. When these and other valuable suggestions are applied the mobile website will be more attractive and convenient for usage.

Compatibility test :

Compatibility test Testing the responsive website is a good method. It does not mean that testing the site with same device and it means testing the site with android, windows, tablets and iphone. While doing testing every page needs to be checked and the buttons too. The tester should test it like an end-user to define the problems.

Add YouTube videos :

Add YouTube videos When lots of videos are used in the mobile website it could be very different and difficult to the users while viewing. You Tube combats with the issues since the embedded code on You Tube is responsive which saves multiple steps to make sure that the videos are mobile-friendly.

Include a User-friendly Search Box :

Include a User-friendly Search Box When the navigational options on the mobile version are reduced, then it is important to trace a specific content on the site. This need is fulfilled by using a simple-to-use search box. A search box in the home page helps the visitors to find their exact need. This search box options avoids unnecessary navigation and saves the visitors time.

Exclude Flash and Pop-Ups: :

Exclude Flash and Pop-Ups: Since most of the devices like iphone, Android higher versions do not support Adobe Flash the inclusion of flash based content on the mobile version is to be avoided. The developer can use HTML5 to show the contents. Avoid pop-ups and signup forms that cover the web page partially on the mobile. It will disturb the visitors’ usage as well as create various SEO indexing issues.

Use Content Short and Sweet with readability :

Use Content Short and Sweet with readability When compare to desktop, the screen of mobile device is small and the developer needs to insert the most essential content on the mobile version. Use precised content to convey the message. Usage of conventional icons will keep the website jumble free.

Avoid Overcrowding :

Avoid Overcrowding It is not the right idea to place more information on one screen page. Make the pages to enable the navigation easily without any pressure.


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