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Iranian Public Relations Conference: 

Iranian Public Relations Conference The Global Dynamics of Public Relations in the 21st Century Presented by Professor Tony Meehan Teheran November 2005


Introduction Opening Comments What is Public Relations? Reflection of the past 20 years Changes and Developments A vision for the future The Impact today and tomorrow

The issues: 

The issues Improve recognition and understanding of Public Relations in a Global Market place The Importance of Technology What do we mean by Global Public Relations

Public Relations Version One: 

Public Relations Version One Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, (of Organisations, products, services or individuals) with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing behaviour.

Public Relations Version Two: 

Public Relations Version Two Public Relations is the deliberate/planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between a company / organisation and its market place..

Public Relations Version Three: 

Public Relations Version Three Public Relations is about Reputation Management. Public Relations is about what you do, what you say and what others say about you.

“Knowledge itself is Power”: 

“Knowledge itself is Power” Francis Bacon 1561 - 1626

Today’s Public Relations Paradigm: 

Today’s Public Relations Paradigm It is a Global Multi Million £/ $/€ Business It operates within an information based society It is a committed user of high-tech IT It operates 24 hours a day - 365 days a year It is border less and Multi lingual It has enjoyed growth over past 10 years It is continuously expanding

Today’s PR People: 

Today’s PR People 2.5 million people worldwide Users of leading edge technology Innovative & Young University Graduates Ambitious and smart Committed to Global Strategies

Personal Profiles: 

Personal Profiles 1 person companies and departments to thousands of people Salaries in the UK £17k - £120k Average age 30 -35 Multi-national and multi lingual Global Consultancies National Consultancies

Job Titles: 

Job Titles Corporate Affairs Directors Public Affairs Directors Communication Directors Public Relations Directors Public Relations Consultants Image Consultants Perception Managers

PR Functions: 

PR Functions Media Relations Corporate Affairs Financial/Investor Promotions Issues & Crisis Reputation Management Public Affairs Brand Management and Reputation Events / Conferences / Exhibitions Perception Management


Specialisation Aviation Business to Business Children & Youth markets Corporate Affairs Computers & High Tech Crisis Management Energy sector


Specialisation Environment Fashion Film & Entertainment Finance & Investor Relations FMCG: Consumer Products Political & Public Affairs Travel & Leisure

Are you confused?: 

Are you confused? You should be !

Mature Markets: 

Mature Markets North America Europe India Asia Pacific Rim Australia South Africa



Five Major Factors: 

Five Major Factors Knowledge People Technology Investment Reputation

Challenge or Opportunity: 

Challenge or Opportunity Both Set your sights on clear objectives Create a new history Educate the Country’s leaders Copy / Borrow / Imitate Ask for help & guidance.

Twenty Years Ago: 

Twenty Years Ago

U. K. twenty years ago: 

U. K. twenty years ago Annual Spend est. 80 million Latest Technology Fax Electric Typewriters Photocopiers Carbon Copies Media Relations

There were no: 

There were no Mobile Phones PC's Laptops Internet email Global Consultancies

We were …...: 

We were …... PRO’s Cheap or Free Advertising No Access to The Board Room Hard copy was delivered by hand Secondary occupations Few University Graduates

How did things change?: 

How did things change? Public Relations Market education and awareness Establishing Quality Standards by IPRA, IPR, PRCA, & etc….. Delivering quantifiable results Better informed clients & employers Understanding who is the customer?

Important changes…..: 

Important changes….. Professional Training Ethics and Codes of Professional Practice Develop Business Understanding Investment in technology and people Introduction of new services Opportunities

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he will find” Francis Bacon 1561 - 1626 : 

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he will find” Francis Bacon 1561 - 1626


Opportunities…. Downsizing in the media Direct / electronic access to the media Computerisation of the media Global access to the Global media Fracturing of the media Demand for news Identified specialisation's

Current issues: 

Current issues Managing Knowledge Consultancy Management Standards PR for PR Market Research and Evaluation On-line access to ALL audiences Professional Training People


People Key to success Creative Industrious Educated Knowledgeable Considerate

The secret to finding good staff: 

The secret to finding good staff EMPLOY NICE PEOPLE

Important Milestones: 

Important Milestones Increased literacy Electricity Print media Telecommunications Radio Television Atomic power

Other Milestones...: 

Other Milestones... Space travel Silicon chip Video The PC MS Dos Windows Satellite Communications

And more….: 

And more…. Solar Power Mobile Phones CD ROM Lap tops Internet Web sites Fibre optics

All occurred in the past 110 years Majority in the last 40: 

All occurred in the past 110 years Majority in the last 40



PR trends of the last 15 years: 

PR trends of the last 15 years Global Campaigns Environmental Crisis Management Brands Management Corporate Affairs Financial & Investor Internal & Local Community

More Trends: 

More Trends Professional Development Training Ethical practices Board Room status Established criteria Mature Markets Evaluation

And some more: 

And some more PR is setting the business agenda Specialist talents / departments / companies Greater expectations Global performance World News Time / Email speak Sound bites


Negatives Marginalised societies Believing one’s own press Forgetting to listen Forgetting to learn Believing there is “a new idea”

Questions for each of us: 

Questions for each of us Where will PR be in the corporate structure? What will we be doing? How will we do it? Who will be doing it? Will we / PR be the same?

The Information Society: 

The Information Society Information v Misinformation Multiple Audiences Employees, Consumers, Businesses, Society Global Brands demanding attention Influence over Local and Global events The P R management tool

The Internet: 

The Internet Internet 3300 days old Changed our lives for ever Organisation of communication Influencing how large corporations or small communities communicate Global audiences Access and ability to influence Text messaging

The Internet: 

The Internet Enables PR to establish dialogue with friends and critics Marketplace more competitive Ability to build global brands Great 21st Century brands Based on continuous 2 way dialogue

The Audiences’ Expectations: 

The Audiences’ Expectations Employees - Loyalty and Commitment Shareholders demanding more information Communities expect to know about local issues Increased Global Media scrutiny Sophisticated Companies understand

The Exciting PR Opportunities: 

The Exciting PR Opportunities Management of Corporate Reputation Based on continuous 2way dialogue Positive relationships with all stakeholders We have the opportunity to shape the future

Our reliance upon some things will not change - : 

Our reliance upon some things will not change - Knowledge People Technology Investments Reputation

Some factors must improve: 

Some factors must improve Education Recognition Influence Technocrats Ethical Standards Evaluation

Factors to be aware of….: 

Factors to be aware of…. Hard copy Electronic distribution Virtual Reality Open access to ROM libraries Traditional media Individual/personal market access Inter-active TV

Personal Lifestyle issues….: 

Personal Lifestyle issues…. Co-coon-ing Wilderness-ing Tele-working Language replaced by terminology Split between Globe and Regional Fewer Media owners Increased demand for information

Negative issues….: 

Negative issues…. Concentration of Media Power Ability to manage campaigns restricted Competition will increase Integrity challenged Knowledge control Loss of National/Regional identities Information overload

The Challenge of Change: 

The Challenge of Change Meet the challenge Manage change Willingness to learn Continue to innovate Recognise new opportunities Control our own future

Public Relations people must become more user friendly and customer focused!: 

Public Relations people must become more user friendly and customer focused!

We have to:: 

We have to: Understand Corporate life Deliver best business practice Be better than other professionals Become leaders Contribute at the highest level Establish the value of a corporate reputation

Six Points of Best Practice: 

Six Points of Best Practice

1. Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it were.: 

1. Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it were.

2. Be candid with everyone: 

2. Be candid with everyone

3. Don’t Manage - Lead: 

3. Don’t Manage - Lead

4. Change before you have to: 

4. Change before you have to

5. If you do not have a competitive advantage - don’t compete: 

5. If you do not have a competitive advantage - don’t compete

6. Control your own destiny or someone else will: 

6. Control your own destiny or someone else will


Remember Knowledge is power Public Relations is not a science It is basic common sense Think simple / think lateral Learn continuously There is no such thing as a New Idea


Remember Establish your own reputations Manage your reputations The one constant is change Establish and practice ethical integrity Exceed your expectations Travel beyond your abilities

“Knowledge Power”: 

“Knowledge Power”

Iranian Public Relations Conference: 

Iranian Public Relations Conference The Global Dynamics of Public Relations in the 21st Century Presented by Professor Tony Meehan Teheran November 2005

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