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Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia’s Life:

Georgia’s Life Born in Wisconsin the second of seven children to Irish immigrants, she lived from 1887-1986. During the early 1900’s women were not allowed to attend art school and were not invited to join other male artists to social gatherings to discuss art and learn different techniques. She attended an all girls boarding school in Virginia and was art editor of her yearbook. Georgia always wanted to be an artist. At 20 she moved to New York City.

Georgia’s Life continued..:

Georgia’s Life continued.. After college, Georgia taught art in Texas. She loved the rolling plains, and open space of the Texas countryside. Each night she would go out to the Palo Dun Canyon to watch the setting sun and lone star she saw in the night sky. She loved looking at the sky so much she painted 10 different versions of the artwork below titled Evening Star.

Georgia’s Life continued..:

Georgia’s Life continued.. In 1924 Georgia married her long time friend and gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz, a very famous New York photographer. During the summer the couple would go to their summer house in Lake George. While there Georgia painted images of the flowers she had around her house .

In her life she painted 100’s of flowers. This picture is a close-up of a tropical flower. It looks like its petals are exploding off the page. Even in busy New York, Georgia wanted people to notice the beauty of flowers Red Canna. :

In her life she painted 100’s of flowers. This picture is a close-up of a tropical flower. It looks like its petals are exploding off the page. Even in busy New York, Georgia wanted people to notice the beauty of flowers Red Canna .


V a l u e The darks and lights of a color 3 Ways to create a good composition: Shapes that go off 2-3 edges the paper. Shapes that are different sizes. No large empty areas of space

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Check your composition! Are there… Shapes that go off 2 to 3 edges of your paper? Shapes of different sizes? Any large empty areas of space? If so, fill them in Check your blending ! Are the shapes… Colored completely? Colored smoothly? Blended together to show a variety of value?

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At the age of 40 she visited a friend for the first time in New Mexico. She instantly fell in love with the flora and fauna, colors, and the wide open and quiet spaces. When her summer vacation was over she wanted to take something from New Mexico back with her to paint. She took a barrel of bones. When asked why she painted pictures of bones, she said that she never even thought of them as symbols of death but instead loved the lines shapes, forms, and textures of bones and thought they made interesting subjects to paint.

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After her husband passed away, Georgia left New York and permanently moved to New Mexico. She spent the last 40 years of her life there at ‘Ghost Ranch’ the name of her home in Taos. http://www.architecturaldigest.com/homes/homes/archive/okeefe_article_032002 Ascension

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Interesting Facts Georgia and her husband almost always wore black clothes. Georgia loved to ride horses. She lived to be 98 years old. She received the highest medal for a civilian, the United States medal of Freedom. She rarely signed her work. ‘Ghost Ranch’ is named that because when Georgia first bought the house it only had one room and was thought to be haunted by a ghost. Many nights she slept on the roof of her house to look up at the setting sun and stars.

Project Checklist:

Project Checklist Make sure you used at least 1 of the 3 ways to make a good composition . Make sure you blended your oil pastels flowers and show light and dark values. Color in the lines neatly. Shapes that go off 2-3 edges the paper. Shapes that are different sizes. No large empty areas of space

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Navajo Textiles and Rugs With Object

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Cow Skull: Red, White, and Bliue Why do you think she used red, white, and blue as background colors? O’Keeffe was inspired by the cowboys she saw in Texas herding cattle. She felt that cattle were a very ‘American’ thing, specifically American frontier which she loved so very much.

Value Scale in Pencil :

Value Scale in Pencil The softer the pencil 2B through 6B, the darker the value. Hard pencils (2H-6H) are good for light values.

Rugs and Serapes:

Rugs and Serapes Both a rug and a serape are created from yarn on a loom. A serape is a shawl or cape that originated in Mexico but were later adapted by the Navajo Indians.

Uses for Woven Textiles:

Uses for Woven Textiles Rugs Wall Hangings Clothes: robes, shirts, dresses Blankets Saddle Blankets They are characterized by a strong geometric shape.

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Navajo Sgraffito Clay Pottery

Navajo Pottery :

Navajo Pottery 1.The earliest found pottery by the Navajo was during the late 1600’s and was used for water and food storage. 2. The pottery was usually made by women. 3. Most Indian tribes would re-use pieces of old pottery that had broken to create new pottery but the Navajo believed that any broken pottery belonged to their ancestors and was not reused but buried and left alone.

PowerPoint Presentation:

4. Clay was dug from the earth and many different clay types were mixed together to get the desired colors and textures the artist wanted. 5. Most pots were created using the coil and pinch methods. 6. The clay was fired in pits or wholes and were heated using wood for many hours.

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7. After the Industrial revolution and the invention of the transcontinental railroad most of the pottery used for daily life stopped being produced and metal pots, pans, and containers were used instead. 8. However, many Native Americans kept their ceramic art alive and used the pottery for traditional celebrations and special occasions. 9. Today you can still find potters in the southwest creating traditional clay pots and selling them to residents and tourists alike.

Cleanup Procedure:

Cleanup Procedure Helpers: Slip Collector Tool Collector Water collector Covering the clay Procedure: Make sure your initials are written on the bottom of your pot When I call your table you will place your projects on the trays on the back table and place clay boards in box. Wash your hands quickly and quietly for 10 seconds. Dry hands and sit in your seat quietly.

Sgraffito :

Sgraffito In Native American pottery, glazes were made from boiled plants and metallic rocks that were grinded down into a powder form. Today, glaze is made from powdered color (pigment) and glass.

Navajo Paper Pottery :

Navajo Paper Pottery

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Cast Shadow Highlight Shadow Light Source

Yarn Weaving with Foil Ebmossed Accent:

Yarn Weaving with Foil Ebmossed Accent



Silversmithing-the art of making silver jewelry and ornaments:

Silversmithing -the art of making silver jewelry and ornaments Native Americans didn’t start using silver until the 1900’s. They didn’t even have silver until they were traded it from neighboring tribes who got it from English and French settlers.

Gemstones in Native American Jewelry :

Gemstones in Native American Jewelry Amber- Fossilized tree sap Turquoise Coral- Fossilize sea creature skeletons Lapis Malachite Sugilite

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