4 Discovering a Sense of Adventure

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Chapter 4 Discovering a Sense of Adventure

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Walking In this World How was your week? Morning Pages? How many? How did they go? Any new insights? Artist Dates? Where did you go? Walking? How did it effect your thinking? Announcements Who Does She Think She Is? Movie and discussion Nov 12 at the Art House.

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Walking In this World Adventure How and when in your life did art/creativity get hard? parents, teachers, spouse? children, responsibilities, money? Did you actually ever experience “hard” art or were you just told about it? Let’s talk about the “reality” of real famous artists….

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Walking In this World The Verb “To Be” Whose definition of “artist” are you using? What is your definition of artist? The truth about the heinous “curriculum vitae” (a fancy shee-shee word for resume) Galleries vs. Museums vs. Art Festivals vs. Gift Shops vs. the Internet????

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Walking In this World Invention vs. Convention Are you an Innovator or Conserver?

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What Speaks to you ? Walking In this World

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Walking In this World

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