06 Recovering a Sense of Abundance

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Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Integrity Announcements & Discussions http://www.theartistsway.org/exhibitions.html Schedule and Budget Posted Please submit the 10 bucks by June 15 th ! Thanks! Morning Pages Artist’s Dates

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Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance The Great Creator And the siren song of more…more…more If I had more money, I would________? If I had more time, I would__________? How do you believe you can get more time & money?

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Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance Luxury What is your idea of luxury? Is art a luxury for you?

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Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance The Creative’s Secret!

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Most people do this backwards If I could HAVE I could DO Then I would BE A wonderful studio, lots of free time, with galleries showing my work, and a awesome reputation All the great works that I want to A successful artist! Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance

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Wrong Way The misguided HAVE + DO = BE Equation Is working against all the laws of success Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance

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You must know the artist you want to be! Feel it in your heart and know it in your mind BE The artist Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance

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BE 1 Be + Do = Have

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Then… Do all those things that you perceive a happy successful artist, writer, dancer, performer would do Be + Do = Have

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Equals Have I know this may sound like new age babble to some of you But it is a solid formula for success Have your creative life! Be + Do = Have

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Your are here Success is not something you can go and get, it is not a destination We have been taught we must struggle and sacrifice to have success. Success is an inner quality that Resides in each of us! Success comes from within!

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Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance Excerpts from Identifying & Locating Financial Abundance Counting an Exercise Keeping a diary of how you spend

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Cold Cash Realities For most of us there is the reality of everyday responsibilities, rent, car payments, power, the kids braces, etc., etc. We need to deal with these, realities, but remember, they will be here whether we are creative or not. Most artists/writers/performers are not able to totally support themselves with their art in the beginning. So, it is necessary that we develop a financial plan and unfortunately it may mean that you may be hanging on to a “non-creative” part time (or perhaps full time in the beginning). Financial plans are pretty “left brain activities” and some will go so far as to claim that it stifles the way of true creativity, however, I have found that if you have made a plan you will be able to measure your financial progress toward a creative lifestyle goal. Then, when things get rough, and you know they will from time to time, this plan may provide all the motivation you need to keep going or show you where you need adjustments. It may show you how far you have come or just reassurance that you are indeed headed in the right direction.

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Your Money Tool box Think of this entire workshop like a tool box. You have the opportunity to pick up and use any of the tools I or anyone else here has to share. These are the tools you can use to build your creative lifestyle. Some may work better than others. This is an honest look at what you have and what you want. When these questions are answered you can begin to create your own path that will take you to your creative lifestyle. A serious look at your current situation gives you a clear picture of where you are now. Now, with a creative dream in hand we will begin to discuss the unique options you each have to get from here to there.

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Define Financial success So many of us are afraid to look at this question. Without a serious and honest look at our finances and a realistic look at what we need and/or want, we will take in the typical “American” way of life and fall prey to the common “there will never be enough” mentality. If you never define how much is enough…. How will you know when you are successful? How much will it take for you to be happy? Only you have the magnificent power to make this determination! The answer to this question will be unique to each artist as their art!

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Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance Monthly Budget Rent/Mortgage ____ Electricity ____ Water ____ Phone (home) ____ Phone (cell) ____ Car Payment ____ Gas ____ Insurance (car) ____ Insurance (health) ____ Insurance (life and other) ____ TV/Computer connection ____ Food/Groceries ____ Clothing ____ Credit Card payments ____ Other loan repayments ____ Entertainment ____ Childrens Support ____ Church ____ __________________________________ Monthly total ______ Occasional Budget Doctors ____ Dentist ____ Optometrist ____ Car Maintenance ____ Other Maintenance ____ Home Maintenance ____ Member/Subscriptions ____ Vacations ____ Tax ____ Other ____ Other ____ ________________________________ Occasional total ____ Adding it up! Monthly total ____ Occasional Monthly total ____ ________________________________ Income needed each month To sustain current lifestyle ________ How Much Do I Need?

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Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance What would make me more comfortable? Better Living conditions _____ Vehicle _____ Wardrobe _____ Vacations _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ ____________________________ Total to make life better _____ What would make your really happy ? ___________________ ______ ___________________ ______ ___________________ _____ ___________________ ______ _______________________________ Total to make you really happy ___________ How Much Would it Take?

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Where does it come from? Household income is currently per week _____ Needed per week to maintain my current Lifestyle _____ disposable income per week ______ I have access to _____ of disposable income per month What do I do next?

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What can do I do? Invest in art supplies, build inventory? Purchase & learn computer and programs for marketing? Consider a point you could go part time or let go of one full time job all together? Making Some Sound Financial Creative Decisions

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Artist’s Way Recovering a Sense of Abundance Read Chapter 7 and consider how YOU can recover a sense of Abundance!

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