Laser Cataract Surgery Versus Traditional Cataract Surgery


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Looking for the best cataract surgery in Mumbai? But, before you go for it, make sure to have your eyes and condition tested first to determine whether you are apt for laser surgery or traditional phacoemulsification surgery.


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Laser Cataract Surgery Versus Traditional Cataract Surgery – Arohi Eye Hospital Laser cataract surgery is one of the most common eye surgery procedures performed across the world today involving a laser called femtosecond laser. Before this laser surgery was invented there was a more traditional method that used Phacoemulsification to remove the cataract. Today also there are certain conditions and cases where the traditional surgery is used instead of the new innovative laser surgery but it all depends upon the individual patient’s condition and doctor’s preference. What is Phacoemulsification surgery Phacoemulsification is the traditional cataract surgery wherein a small incision is made in the cornea by hand with the use of a scalpel. A small instrument is inserted through the opening which goes behind the pupil where the eye’s lens sits in a capsule. The surgeon creates a round opening in the capsule after which a pen-shaped probe is inserted into the capsule which applies sound waves to break the cloudy lens the broken-up pieces which are then suctioned out. An artificial intraocular lens is then placed in place of the original natural lens after which the incision is closed with a special liquid and self-seal. Stitches aren’t needed.

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What is femtosecond laser surgery Femtosecond laser surgery uses an ultrasound device placed over the eye to map its surface which also gather information about the lens. The results are then sent to a computer that programs the laser and tells the exact location size and depth for the required incision. According to these measurements the laser is used to make the corneal incision and opening in the capsule. The cataract may also be softened. An ultrasound probe then breaks the lens into pieces and suctions them out after which an artificial intraocular lens is inserted. Here also there is no need of stitches. The difference As you can see both the surgeries require an incision through which broken cataract pieces are suctioned out and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens. The basic difference between the two procedures is that the phacoemulsification surgery uses a scalpel to make an incision with hand while femtosecond surgery uses an ultrasound device to make the corneal incision. Which surgery should you undergo If you are suffering from cataracts and are planning to undergo a surgery to get rid of the cloudy lens in your eye and replace it with a new artificial lens to be able to see clearly you need to know which of the two surgery types will be better for you. Laser cataract surgery is qualified for only certain patients. If you don’t meet certain conditions you won’t be qualified for the laser surgery. So who is to decide that for you It is obviously a specialist ophthalmologist who can decide that for you. So if you are suffering from cataracts make sure to get in touch with a specialist like Arohi Eye Hospital where you can be offered the best cataract surgery in Mumbai by experts who have

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been successfully carrying out the procedure for clients since years. ALSO READ: How Safe Is Cataract Surgery

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