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WorldLink Unit 1 level 1


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World Link : 

World Link Unit 1 lessons A and B

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World Link Intro, Unit 1 Learning Objectives

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Teacher ID: First name: Arlines Last name: Rodriguez E-mail address: Male:____ Female: X World Link My name is: Arlines Rodriguez Greetings and Intros

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MALE: Name: Francisco Nickname: Paco Name: Samuel Nickname: Sam Name: Leonardo Nickname: Leo Name: José Nickname: Cheo

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Female: Name: Elizabeth Nickname: Liz Name: Veronica Nickname: Vero Name: Josefina Nickname: Chepa Name: Candelaria Nickname: Cande

Unit 1 Page 2 Lesson A: Vocabulary Link : 

Unit 1 Page 2 Lesson A: Vocabulary Link What’s your name? How do you spell that? What’s your e-mail address? What’s your name?

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Word Power: The alphabet A: What’s your name? B: I’m Arlines Rodriguez. A: Is That A-r-l-i-n-e-s? B: Yes, That’s right. A: How do you spell your last name? R-o-d-r-i-g-u-e-s? B: No, It’s R-o-d-r-i-g-u-e-z. A (ei) B (bi) C (si) D (di) E (i) F (ef) G (yi) H (eich) I (ai) J (yei) K (kei) L (el) M (em) N (en) O (ou) P (pi) Q (qiu) R (ar) S (es) T (ti) U (iu) V (vi) W (dabliu) X (eks) Y (wai) Z (zi)

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Tanaka X Elena Rivera X John Brown X

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The Verb To Be (Contractions) I am = I’m You are = you’re He is = he’s She is = she’s It is = it’s We are = we’re They are = they’re

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EXERCISE 1: Complete the sentences. Use am, is, or are. Maracaibo __________ a beautiful city. Elsa _____ a good student. Amy and Paula ______ in Maracaibo. They _______ classmates. We ______ in the classroom. I _________ a student. You ______ my friend. He _____ from Caracas. She _____ 18 years old. They ________ engineers. You and I _______ from Venezuela. William _____ from the United States. My mother _____ a homemaker. It ______ very hot and sunny.

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EXERCISE 2: Complete the sentences. Use am, is, are, or ‘m not, isn’t, or aren’t. Carlos ________ (not) from Cabimas. He _______ from Maracaibo. They _________ in the classroom. They _________ (not) in the park. We __________ (not) teachers. We ___________ students. Marisol ______ my sister. She ________ (not) my mother. My name _______ James. It ________ (not) Frank. Her phone number _________ (not) 555-3456. It _______ 555-3455. San Cristóbal ______ a city. It _______ (not) a state. Juan and Guillermo _________ (not) from Venezuela. They _______ from Cuba. I ________ (not) a doctor. I __________ a student. You _______ a good student. You ________ (not) lazy.

Listen and organize the conversation : 

Listen and organize the conversation Unit 1 Page 4 Speaking

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Possessive Adjectives Possessive adjectives are used to show ownership or possession.

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b e a c

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your her his its is I’m your My is I’m It’s

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your name What’s your e-mail address What’s your phone number

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friend classmate family

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d c b Alejandro Sanz

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Sabrina Ricardo Ricky Margaret Meg

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Yes, I do. It’s a nice name. No, I don’t. It’s a boring name. Jennifer Aniston Ronaldo Jet Li Eminem Jennifer Lopez Tiger Woods e d b c a f

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No, I’m not No, he’s not. He’s a teacher. Is John a student? Is your name Sara? Yes, it is.

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Is Sunny It is. he is. I’m not.

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Arlines Rodriguez Arleen English 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Doris Molero My favorite athlete is David Beckham. My favorite singer is Alejandro Sanz My favorite actor is Brad Pitt My favorite actress is Susan Sarandon

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Video Activity Unit 1 Watch the video and circle the word you hear. Mike: Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford. Actors have great/famous names. Mike: People/ They call Bond. James Bond. Tara: …and my/ your name’s Jennifer Lopez! Mike: You’re/She’s my favorite actress and singer. Tara: Are/ Is you Jim Carrey? 6. Mike: No. I’m/ I Jackie Chan. 7. Tara: … and here we have the famous/ my favorite soccer player, David Beckham. 8. Tara: Hi David/ Dave. 9. Mike: But, please call me/him Dave. 10. Claudia: And I’m/ call me Julia Roberts.

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