WorldLink Unit 9 level 2

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WorldLink Unit 9 level 2


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Unit 9: lessons A-B Person to Person

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.get up take dressed Check e mail Work get Go to bed Get up take get work get Go to bed

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Daniel: How do you spend your day, Helen? Helen: Well, on weekdays I get up around ten. Then I read the paper for an hour and have lunch at about noon. Daniel: Really? What time do you go to work? Helen: I start work at three. Daniel: And when do you get home at night? Helen: I get home pretty late, around midnight. Daniel: So what do you do, exactly? Helen: I'm a TV announcer. Don't you recognize me? I do the weather report on KNTV! Daniel: Gee, I’m sorry. I don't watch TV.

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talking x x x x

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He always take a shower Hardly ever goes home Are always Often have dinner Sometimes eat Is always Never does his homework

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common match Spit the bill date different similar pays

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elena jason In Ho jason Elena In Ho

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b F d a e a business Steve Steve diego diego Likes going to the movies steve

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