WorldLink Unit 1 level 3

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WorldLink Unit 1 level 3


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New Friends, New Faces Unit 1

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b c d e g a f

Slide 5: 

x 1 2 3 x x x x x x

Slide 7: 

are am has live lives study studies Haven´t works love Doesn´t Listens to No, she doesn´t Yes, they do Yes, she does Yes, they are Does monica work Lives with her family Does Monica lives Does Steffi do on weekends Does Monica Watch TV

Slide 9: 

In her 30´s short Average weight blue Long straight blond young tall thin brown Short spiky In her 20´s short slim dark Long curly red

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x x.-

Slide 12: 

is is have has is have is is

Slide 13: 

6 5 4 3 2 1

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