New Interchange Level 5 Unit 2

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New Interchange Level 5 Unit 2


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New Interchange 2 Level V

Caught in the Rush : 

Caught in the Rush Talking about transportation and public services Asking for and giving information Compound nouns Adverbs of quantity with countable and uncountable nouns Indirect questions

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What’s the woman’s first complaint? There’s never a taxi when you want one. There’s never a bus when you want one. What does she feels like doing sometimes? Writing a letter to the president. Writing a letter to the paper What do they decide to do? Go and get a cup of coffee. Go and get a sandwich Listen to the first part of the conversation and select the best answer Listen to the rest of the conversation. What else is wrong with the transportation System in their city?

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Write about the kind of transportaion used in Maracaibo or in your city?

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Write some sentences about the public transportation system in Marcaibo or your city. 1. 2. 3. 4.

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Could you tell me how much a newspaper costs? .. … .. .. ..

Pair work: Write and practice a conversation. : 

Pair work: Write and practice a conversation. What would a tourist visiting your city ask about? Think of six questions about transportation, accommodations, sightseeing, and other services in your city.. Tourist: Can you tell me where the Hotel del Lago is? You: Let me think. Oh, yes, it’s on Milagro Avenue, next to LagoMall. Tourist: You: Tourist: You: Tourist: You: Tourist: You:

Homework : 

Homework Write a letter to our Major or the Governor. In the first paragraph describe some of the public services problems we have in our city. Use there aren’t enough…, We need more.., there’s too much.., the city needs to provide more…, there should be fewer…., we don’t have enough… In the second paragraph, propose some solutions and explain what you could do to help solve some problems in your community. Use there should be…, there should be fewer…., there should be less…. Remember to check your letter with your tutor and post it to your level v community. Keep a copy of your corrected letter in your portfolio. To get extra credits, hand in your letter on the day of the exam

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