New Interchange Level 4 Unit 9

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New Interchange Level 4 Unit 9


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New Interchange Level IV : 

New Interchange Level IV What does he look like? Unit 9

What does he look like? : 

What does he look like? Ways to describe people’s physical appearance Identify what’s people doing. Identify what’s people wearing. Questions and statements for describing people Present modifiers with participles and prepositions

Slide 3: 

E.T is short. Dustin Hoffman is fairly short. Marilyn Monroe was medium height. John Wayne was pretty tall. Frankenstein is tall Other words or expressions: Rather short very tall 5’2 (five feet two) around six feet. Appearance

Slide 4: 

He’s young. She’s middle aged. He’s elderly. He’s handsome. They’re good-looking. She’s pretty. In her/his twenties/ teens/ thirties. Old cute, attractive, beautiful, gorgeous (extremely attractive in a sexual way), lovely, stunning, elegant ugly, unattractive, plain Other words or expressions:

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She has straight black hair. He has curly red hair. She has long brown hair. He’s bald. He has a mustache and a beard. Style: permed, medium length, a ponytail, frizzy (a lot of very small, tight curls), wavy, afro, with highlights, dyed. Color: blond, fair, brunette, auburn (red-brown), gray, white.

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Body type: athletic, muscular, heavy, thickset, thin, slender and slim (thin in an attractive way),well built Eye color: Black, brown, blue, green, gray, hazel (green-brown) Skin: tanned, freckled, olive, black, fair. Special Feature*: beard, mole on cheek/chin, glasses, wrinkles, pierced ears, tattoo Bratt is an actor. He is tall and slim with blonde straight hair. He has blue eyes, a tanned skin and a gorgeous smile. He’s in his thirties. He’s wearing a green suit, white shirt and green and blue tie.

Slide 7: 

Choose a star and describe him or her

Listening: Describing someone : 

Listening: Describing someone Background a woman is looking for someone and is describing that person to the hotel clerk. Who’s the woman looking for? What does he look like? What’s the woman’s name? Where is the man? What’s the woman going to do? I’m afraid I missed him.= I’m worried that he (the person I came to meet) already left. Let’s see.= I need to think for a moment. A few minutes ago= from one to ten minutes before now. words Martin Bock He is about 35.Pretty Tall and red hair Her name is Jean Taylor He is in the restaurant She goes and looks for him She is going to go and look for him

Slide 9: 

What color are your eyes? / What color eyes do you have ? How old is your brother? How tall are you? What color is Julia’s hair? / What color hair does she have ? Does she wear glasses? What does he look like?

Slide 10: 

1. Brian: Good looking, pretty tall with dark brown hair and a mustache. About thirty 3. Rosie: Pretty tall for her age, long blonde hair and wears contact lenses. She just turn ten. 1 2 3 4 5 2. Tina: 18, pretty red hair –shoulder length and very curly. Wear interesting glasses just for fun. 4. Tim About 23, fairly short and a bit heavy. He needs to lose some weight. 5. Alice Very tall, long black hair. Around 25, very slim and looks like a fashion model.

Slide 12: 

Which one is Judy? Judy Rosa Jhon Michiko Kevin wearing white slacks Black pants and a green pullover Purple dress Rosa’s boyfriend

Slide 13: 

Participle = verb + ing Bob abd Luise are the good-looking couple talking to Jim. Lynne is the young woman in a T-shirt and jeans.. Maria is the attractive woman sitting to the left of Carlos. Tom is the serius-looking person listening to Maria.

Complete these questions : 

Complete these questions Who is Which one is Who`s the man sitting next to Who`s the woman wearing W W That girl standing next to the window? your workmate? The door? Sunglasses? Ho are the Nuñezes? Ho is that attractive woman?

Homework : 

Homework Read about clothing trends on page 59. Work on activities A and B. Complete your handout and post your description at the community.

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