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New Interchange 2I don’t like working on weekends! : 

New Interchange 2I don’t like working on weekends! Level VI 10

I don’t like working on weekends! : 

I don’t like working on weekends! Jobs work abilities Gerunds in statements Agreement and disagreement Clause with because to give a cause or reason

The 10 Hottest Jobs in the United States : 

The 10 Hottest Jobs in the United States Teacher Nurse executive Computer analyst Truck driver Social worker Lawyer Financial manager Computer Engineer Accountant What about Venezuela? _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Conversation : 

Conversation Listen to two friends, Brad and Sue, are talking about jobs. Answer the following questions. Where are these jobs listed? What’s an example of a retail job? What does Brad hate doing? Which job is he interested in? What does Sue say about the job? What’s the phone number?

Grammar Focus: Gerunds; short responses : 

Grammar Focus: Gerunds; short responses Affirmative statements with gerunds A: I like driving. B: So do I C: OH, I don’t. A: I hate working on weekends B: So do I. C: Really? I I like it. A: I’m good at using computers B: So am I. C: Gee, I’m not. Negative Statements with gerunds A: I don’t mind working evenings. B: Neither do I. C: Well, I do. A: I’m not good at writing. B: Neither am I. C: I am! A: I can’t stand making mistakes. B: Neither can I. C: Oh, I don’t mind. Other verbs or phrases followed by gerunds: love, enjoy and be interested.

Match the phrases : 

Match the phrases I don’t like … I’m not good at … I’m good at … I hate … I can’t stand … I’m interested in … I don’t mind … I enjoy … talking on the phone. working with a team. solving problems. sitting in meetings. commuting to work. making coffee for my boss. organizing my time. learning languages.

Job Profile : 

Job Profile Skills I can type 45 words a minute. I know several computer word processing and accounting software programs. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. I’m good at working with numbers. Job Preferences I like working 9-5. I prefer having an office job. I enjoy wearing a suit to work. I’m good at…. communicating with people. Remembering names Solving problems. Making desicions quickly. I like … I don’t like traveling. communting working evenings I have … a lot of / some experience. certificates / diplomas

Personality traits : 

Personality traits Intellectual ability Ability: intelligent, bright, clever, smart, shrewd, able, gifted, talented, brainy. Lacking ability: stupid, foolish, half-witted, simple, silly, brainless, daft, dumb. Attitudes towards life Looking on either the bright or the black side of the things: optimistic, pessimistic. Outward looking or inward looking: extroverted, introverted. Calm or not calm with regard to attitude to life: relaxed, tense. Practical, not dreamy in approach to life: sensible, down-to-earth. Feeling things very intensely: sensitive. Attitudes towards other people Enjoying others' company: sociable, gregarious. Disagreeing with others: quarrelsome, argumentative. Taking pleasure in others' pain: cruel, sadistic. Relaxed in attitude to self and others: easy-going, even-tempered. Not polite to others: impolite, rude, ill-mannered, discourteous. Telling the truth to others: honest, trustworthy, reliable, sincere. Unhappy if others have what one does not have oneself: jealous, envious.

Conversation : 

Conversation Have you ever thought about what you want to do with your life? What kind of career or job would you be good at? Why? Answer the following questions: What does Brenda think she’d be? Why does she think so? What about Tim? What would he like to be? why? Why wouldn’t Brenda be a teacher? What couldn’t Tim never be? Why? What about you?

Grammar Focus: Clauses with because : 

Grammar Focus: Clauses with because Because introduces a cause or reason. I’d make a good journalist because I love writing. I wouldn’t want to be a teacher because I’m too impatient. I could be a teacher because I’m very creative. I could never be a stockbroker because I’m not good at making decisions quickly.

Complete these statements : 

Complete these statements I think I’d make a good flight attendant because I’m very friendly person and I enjoy meeting people. Also, I love to travel I could never be a …… because …. I wouldn’t mind working as a …. Because.. I’d make a good …. Because ….

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