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New Interchange 2 : 

New Interchange 2 Level VI

Back to the Future : 

Back to the Future Talking about the past In the past,…. People used to….. …. years ago, people…… Talking about present These days, …. Today, people …. Nowdays, people …. Talking about future Soon, there will be .. In … years, people might/may…… In the future, people are going to….. Describing situations and possible consequences If I …., I might….. If you…., you won’t be able to …. If they don’t …., they’ll have to…. If you ….., you may be able to…… Time contrasts Conditional senetences with if clauses

Slide 5: 

What was the neighborhood like before? What does Grandpa think will happen in the future? What does Karen think about her grandfather’s prediction? Does her Grandpa agree with her? What is he going to miss, though?

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Mr. Lee: The neighborhood sure has changed! Karen: What was this place like before, Grandpa? Mr. Lee: Well, there used to be a grocery store right here on this corner. Hmm. It was pretty quiet. Not many people lived here then. Karen:These days, the population is growing fast. Mr. Lee: Yeah. I bet they’ll tear down all these old buildings soon. In a few years, there will be just malls and high-rise apartments. Karen: Hey, that doesn’t sound too bad! Mr. Lee: No, but I’ll miss the old days.

Slide 7: 

d g a f b c h e

Slide 8: 

x City has planted trees x x x x x Used to have good bus system but not anymore 20 years ago many childres lived here Now too queit

Slide 9: 

Jody: Ugh! I feel awful. I really have to stop smoking. Luis: So why don’t you quit? Jody: Well, if I quit, I might gain weight! Luis: A lot of people do, but …. Jody: And if I gain weight, I won’t be able to fit into my clothes! Luis: Well, you can always …go on a diet. Jody: Oh, no. I’m terrible at losing weight on diets. So if my clothes don’t fit, I’ll have to buy new ones. I’ll have to get a part-time job, and …. Luis: Listen, it is hard to quit, but it’s not that hard. Do you want to know how I did it? Listen to the rest of the conversation. What advice does Luis give Jody? How does Jody respond?

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b b-c e a d

Slide 11: 

If you buy a large dog, you’ll … feel safer in your home; …have to take it out for walks; …have to find someone to take care of it when you go away. If you go on a diet, you’ll….feel hungry a lot; ….have to give up your favorite snack; …..start to feel thinner. If you move to a foreign country, you’ll ….have to learn a new language; …..lose touch with old friends; …..learn about a new culture. If you quit smoking, you’ll …feel more energetic; ….gain weight; …..be very proud of yourself. If you fall in love, you’ll …feel better about yourself; …..feel jealous sometimes; ….be able to share things with someone all the time. If you inherit a lot of money, you’ll ….be able to buy expensive clothes; …..get requests for loans from friends; …..be able to take a cruise around the world.

Homework : 

Homework Write a short paragraph about different time periods of your life. Publish your work at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/eflcenterworkshop Read the reading on pag. 59 in your book. Work on activities A and B. Go to The Learning Edge at http://www.thewclc.ca/edge/issue3/ and work on the exercise My first Love. Listen, read and complete the exercises.

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