Recruiting in China

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Recruiting in China : 

Recruiting in China NAFSA Annual Conference Minneapolis, MN Friday, June 1, 2007


Introductions Ann Gogerty, Global Recruitment Coordinator, Iowa State University John Pomeroy, Assistant Director of International Admissions, SUNY-Albany Kathy Harrington, Executive Director, Linden Educational Services

Why China?: 

Why China? Importance of Chinese Market Over 1 billion people Mainland China is in second place of #s of students studying in the US: 62,582 (India is the largest) Students are prepared Students are getting visas Market is opening up

Why China? : 

Why China? Type of Student Academically prepared Directed Value-concious China vs other markets India South Korea Japan


Strategies Defining institutional needs Is China right for you? What do you know about China? Do you have alums and current Chinese students? What type of students? (ESL, UG, Grad, Exchange) Will students get visas for your type of institution?


Strategies Setting a budget How much do you have to spend? Travel, mailings, staff …?


Strategies Armchair recruiting vs travel Can you succeed in China with just armchair recruitment? Have realistic goals. Advertising Having a presence always helps.

Strategies : 

Strategies Involving key players on campus What other offices should be involved? International Student Services, ESL, Res Life, Academic Support, both admissions offices (if you are split)

How to recruit in China: 

How to recruit in China Logistics How well do you really know China? Individual travel vs tours Tours: Pick a blend of countries including China? Independent: Travel alone? Who do you travel with? How do you make flight, hotel arrangements …?

How to recruit in China: 

How to recruit in China Choosing cities/locations Where are your applications from now? Getting Started East Coast of China Most popular initial destinations: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou

How to recruit in China: 

How to recruit in China

How to recruit in China: 

How to recruit in China Choosing visits International schools Agents The good, the bad, and the ugly … How do you know who these people are? Local schools Education USA Universities Fairs

How to recruit in China: 

How to recruit in China Follow-up communication Emails Mailings Current Students


Challenges Cultural Hotels Travel Do you stand out? Do you feel comfortable?


Challenges Language Plan ahead Use alums at fairs and meetings Use translating services when provided at fairs


Challenges China vs other markets India Korea Middle East Latin America Others Is China a single market or part of your Asian recruitment strategy?

US Government Initiative: 

US Government Initiative Commercial Service

Thank you!: 

Thank you! Questions? Contact: John D Pomeroy ( Ann Gogerty (

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