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Geoffrey Brown Director, GRID Technologies Advanced Technology Solutions Oracle Corporation

Evolution of IT: 

Evolution of IT


'Today’s IT shops are criminally inefficient, running assets at a small fraction of their capacity.' Frank E. Gillett Forrester Research, October 2002

The Experts on IT Today…: 

The Experts on IT Today… 'CIO’s report that server utilization is only 60%' - Forrester Research '75% of costs come from staffing andamp; maintenance.' - Business Week 'IT infrastructure is massively underutilized' - IDC 'Companies can save 20% or more through consolidation' - Giga Research

Problems with IT: 

Problems with IT Islands of computation Configured for peak loads Limited scalability Availability andlt; 99.x% Fragmented security Escalating costs Affects all businesses

Growing Grid Momentum: 

Growing Grid Momentum

Grid Computing Defined: 

Grid Computing Defined Coordinated use of many small servers acting as one large computer.

The Time is Right: 

The Time is Right Unprecedented pressure to lower costs Inexpensive, commodity blade servers Inexpensive OS optimized for 1-4 CPUs Storage no longer tied to a single server: - NAS and SANs Fast interconnect technologies

Oracle Grid Computing: 

Oracle Grid Computing

Reducing IT Costs: 

Reducing IT Costs Expensive costly components High incremental costs Single point of failure Enterprise service at high cost Low cost modular components Low incremental costs No single point of failure Enterprise service at low cost Large Dedicated Server Oracle Grid


Using grid computing …


Applications require no change

What Grid Computing Means to…: 

What Grid Computing Means to… CEO’s Lowers cost Pay as you go IT Executives Higher availability Better quality of service IT Staff More automation andamp; greater productivity Fewer worries

For Developers & ISV’s…: 

For Developers andamp; ISV’s… No code changes required Better application management Automated processes Self tuning database Access to common services e.g. Identity management Lower cost of computing

Continuation of Oracle’s Strategy: 

Continuation of Oracle’s Strategy Steady march toward software as a service Key innovations Outsourcing, Consolidation Unbreakable Linux RAC, Commodity Servers All designed to lower computing cost

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