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OUR SCAVENGER HUNT! Presented By Kathy Coverdale - Pierre - Sheri Adney – Pierre - Lori Hunnel – Gettysburg - Beth Erikson – Vivian -

The Capital Building: 

The Capital Building With our own Sheri Adney!

“M” license plate: 

“M” license plate Mr. New Mexico didn’t mind us waking him up to take a picture of his “M”!

Lilly Park: 

Lilly Park Lori and Beth

Cultural Heritage Center: 

Cultural Heritage Center Sheri, Beth, and Kathy enjoying the sights.

Verendrye Monument: 

Verendrye Monument The blue smoke finally cleared so we could see the monument!

The Camper: 

The Camper The camping sight before we woke up Mr. New Mexico.

Red House: 

Red House Kathy was brave and knocked on the door. Luckily nobody was home.

Pizza Sign: 

Pizza Sign Too bad, we just had lunch!

Volkswagen Bug: 

Volkswagen Bug Beth braving the rain for the bug.

Clerk at a convenience store: 

Clerk at a convenience store A hesitant clerk.

Golf Ball: 

Golf Ball None in Capital Sports—but one in Rhonda’s car!

Governor’s Mansion: 

Governor’s Mansion Could Kathy have stood any farther away from the mansion?


Dumpster Looks better than it smells.

A Wild Animal: 

A Wild Animal Just about ready to charge!


“JOHN” A “JOHN” that doesn’t talk back!

Road Construction Sign: 

Road Construction Sign We only have till 3 o’clock, will we make it back in time?!!!

The Legion Flag: 

The Legion Flag The “REAL” American Legion flag , not the American flag flying above the Legion Hall!!! The beverages were great!


Tourists “WAIT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need a picture of some tourists from North Carolina—just ready to pull away.

The Bridge: 

The Bridge The bridge on a drive-by shooting!

A Yellow Flower: 

A Yellow Flower South Dakota’s claim to a “Yellow” flower.

A Yield Sign: 

A Yield Sign Another “drive-by” due to pouring rain.

Three “REALLY” old people: 

Three “REALLY” old people Beth with her Grandma (hanging on for dear life!) and friends.

Fire Truck: 

Fire Truck Decided to stop at the fire department to find an empty truck instead of flagging down the ones with the sirens going.

Police Car: 

Police Car As fast as we were driving—we felt lucky to find the police car parked and not behind us with his lights on!

Master Bedroom: 

Master Bedroom Abby—the real master of this bedroom! (Look for Abby). Sheri is holding her!

Governor’s Secretary: 

Governor’s Secretary Lori was really glad to see us. She really did think we were the NICEST group!

Bird on a wing: 

Bird on a wing WOW-that bird was speedy! Look—Can you find the birdy? There REALLY is a bird in the third!

Pedestrian sign: 

Pedestrian sign We really did have a pedestrian sign, but it was washed away in the rain!

A Plasma Television: 

A Plasma Television Sheri found the “real” Plasma TV in Mesa’s Diner. But, Sears will order you one.


THE END Thanks for the memories and the laughs!

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