Guava tree for sale(Tirupati greenhouse nursery)


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This ppt is prepared to give all the information for the guava plant cultivation. All the important steps are written in this presentation. Please pay your attention we have guava tree for sale.


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Tirupati green house Nursery:

Tirupati green house Nursery

Tirupati Greenhouse Nursery:

Tirupati Greenhouse Nursery Guava is good source of viamone C. It is also good for digestion. Itis a fruit that can't grow under shaded. Before planting guava you should consider your nearest nursery guava tree for sale.

Ideal place:

Ideal place Find suitable place: Find a place where the plant can get at least 6-8 hours sunlight. and the temperatue should be between 15c.-28c. Ideal soil: Soil should be well-drained or that can easily absorb water in less time.

When you should plant it:

When you should plant it perfect time to plant the guava tree in the end of the march. Climate for guava plant is ideal at this time.

how you can plant it:

how you can plant it There are two ways to plant guava either you can use seed or from cutting. But you should use cutting methood it will help you to get fruit faster. Dig a hole approx 2feet after digging add water Now you can place your seeds or plant cutting . Fill the hole but do't cover it widely so the roots can easily spread.

how you can care guava plant:

how you can care guava plant cold is harmful for guava fruit so cover the plant. Check the plants time to time and make sure that plants should be disease-free if it is caused from any disease contact to nusery expert. When the colour change from green to yellow you can eat your delicous and tasty guava tree. water 3-4 times at the beginning for perfect growth. If the unneceessary plants are growing around guva plant them immediately cut them it is not good for guava. When your tree will established completely then waterit and start the process of ferlizing. You should do this process every three month. Generally, when the plant s growing there occures multiple branches so you should cut the additional branches for the perfect shape of tree.

Tirupati Greenhouse Nursery:

Tirupati Greenhouse Nursery We are suppliers of all types of fruit and vegetables plants. If you want to buy fresh disease-free plants please visit us. Conatct no: +91 94794 57796

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