Arizona Cataract Surgery is the best way of treating cataract

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Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy are amongst the first select group of eye surgeons in Arizona, Phoenix to perform the panoptix lens after FDA approval. We


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Arizona Cataract Surgery is the best way of treating cataract If you have a cataract you can go to Arizona where you will receive cataract surgery using the latest technology. You will find an experienced surgeon who has conducted cataract surgeries for 35 years. The staff at the center is caring and will help you in restoring your vision after your cataract surgery. The doctor will evaluate your position and will provide you with a glasses-free option after your cataract surgery using the latest technology the intra-ocular lens replacement technique. Once you are operated for cataracts you will not have to use glasses or contact lenses. Arizona Eye Surgery The eye surgeons in Arizona are internationally and nationally acclaimed. They are leading specialists for eye surgery in the United States and recognized as the best around the world. They handle difficult and unusual cases sent by other doctors. Among the many scientific developments the ophthalmology doctors specialize in the intraocular lens which is used in cataract patients recently. Three advancements available for cataract patients include  Premium intraocular lens implants  Power calculations of intraocular lens

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 Correction of Astigmatism The surgical methods for correction of astigmatism and the introduction of premium intraocular lens implants and advanced power calculation intraocular lens help many patients to do away with glasses after cataract surgery. The earliest changes that can take place in your eye are the crystalline lens losing its flexibility. Why choose laser cataract surgery Today cataract surgery is common effective and safe. A lot of people in the United States and other countries suffer from cataracts and have to go for surgery. One of the most frequently performed cataract surgeries is advanced surgical cataract procedure and lens implant. When you have cataract the surgical procedure is one that is most successful and safe. It is performed on an outpatient basis and takes a few hours from beginning to the end. The procedure will begin by treating your eye with an anesthetic so that you feel minimum discomfort during surgery. The eye surgeon will operate by looking through a very powerful microscope. He will make an incision 1/8 of an inch on the cornea which will allow a microscopic instrument to pass through to break the cataract into small pieces that can be washed away which are removed with the instrument. The Advantages of laser cataract surgery

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In laser cataract surgery a laser is used to make an incision on the lens. The incision made is more reliable precise and repeatable than a surgeon can make by hand. The laser is better when the cataract is dense and it is difficult to make an incision. The accuracy of the laser is very important when a surgeon wants to implant a multifocal lens that corrects close-up or distance vision or a toric lens to correct astigmatism. These lenses are used when patients want more options with their vision like reading do computer work or drive or play golf without glasses. If you have cataract visit to book an appointment for Arizona Eye Surgery to enjoy a clear vision without glasses. Arizona Cataract Website:

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