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Meet Dr. Sanford L. Moretsky, a top laser cataract doctor in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ). He is a certified specialist in Ophthalmology: a Diplomat of the American Board of Ophthalmology.


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Have Cataract Surgery Arizona with leading surgery specialists Arizona has internationally and nationally acclaimed ophthalmology physicians who are specialists in eye surgery in USA and considered experts all over the world. Other doctors send their unusual and difficult cases to them. They are in the forefront in developments in the scientific field and specialize in mathematics of power calculations of the intraocular lens. They are providing options to cataract patients which are available to others recently. There are three advancements in the ophthalmic field • Astigmatism correction • Power calculations of intraocular lens • Premium implants of intraocular lens Astigmatism correction along with premium implants of intraocular lens and power calculations of intraocular lens have helped many cataract patients to manage without glasses after cataract surgery. Cataract Surgery Arizona The doctor performing the cataract operation look through a special microscope while he makes a tiny beveled incision on the clear cornea at the corner which can allow a microscopic instrument to go through it. The instrument has ultrasound at the tip which breaks the cataract into small pieces which are sucked out through the instrument.

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Behind the lens there is membrane which is like an elastic bag which is left where it was. The incision is self –healing. Since there are no stitches there is no chance of astigmatism. After all the cataract bits are removed a lens is folded and inserted in through the incision and opened in the posterior capsule. The surgery time is 20 -30 minutes with local anesthesia and is conducted on outpatient’s basis. Cataract Surgery in Phoenix In Phoenix the cataract specialists use LensAR which is approved by the FDA to perform cataract surgeries. LensAR is used in Phoenix to create an incision for the cataract surgery which makes the incision very accurate. To check the cataract damage the surgeon enters the capsule that holds the lens. Here laser is used to get access to the capsule. The surgeon uses femtosecond laser for breaking the cloudy lens softening the bits and getting them out. The surgical outcome is improved in this case with more accuracy. Cataract surgery by laser is more efficient and safe. Over the years the senior cataract surgeon has performed over 23000 cataract and corneal transplants. Before the surgery the cataract surgeons can get a precise image and eye measurement with 3D view of the eye front.. Arizona Eye Centre The ophthalmologists in Phoenix are experienced and help a lot of people in laser eye surgeries. Laser eye or Lasik can help people have more freedom without contact lenses and glasses. A highly effective vision surgery can help in a lot of vision problems. The cornea can be re-shaped using hi-tech laser helping people to focus clearly and see better. PhoenixAZ eye surgeons have come to realize the importance of laser eye surgery and treat people for vision requirements and personalized help. They replace their cloudy lenses with clear artificial ones. What is needed to correct vision when you have cataract is proper surgery and that is what Phoenix provides. Conclusion Do you want to go for cataract surgery in Arizona then visit and book an appointment with the best ophthalmology surgeons for clear vision. When considering Eye Cataract Surgery Arizona trust the Doctors the Doctors Trust Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction Clinic in Arizona Please contact at 480 464-6155 for more information. Arizona Cataract http://arizonacataract.com

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