Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief, Causes and Treatment

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If you are feeling any kind of pain in your neck, upper back, or shoulders, this pain could all be related and connected to a shoulder injury. visit


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Established pain management clinic with the latest technology serving Cypress Richmond and Katy TX provides FDA approved laser treatment to manage pain without the use of pain medications. What is Shoulder Pain If you are feeling any kind of pain in your neck upper back or shoulders this pain could all be related and connected to a shoulder injury. Proper diagnosis by a physician is an important step towards treatment. Anatomy of the shoulder The shoulder has three primary components.  Clavicle – Commonly known as the collar bone  Scapula -Commonly referred to as your shoulder blade  Humerus – Bones in your upper arm that connect to your shoulder The shoulder is also comprised of four different groups of muscles and tendons that are used to stabilize mobilize and strengthen the surrounding joint. Symptoms of Pain Associated with the Shoulder The most common symptoms associated with shoulder pain:  Swelling of the shoulder  Redness around the shoulder area  Tenderness of the shoulder joint  Aching around the shoulder joint  General feeling of weakness in one or both of your shoulders  Limited mobility or range of motion  Feeling of warmth around the joint  Sensitive to touch  Sensitivity to temperature

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If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis of your shoulder condition. If you have been suffering from any of these condition or symptoms please call our office to make an appointment for a free consultation to learn more about MLS laser therapy for pain relief today. We specialize in pain relief When you are looking for Neck Shoulder Pain Relief instead of going to nearest pharmacy and buying a pain reliever tablet go to the nearest chiropractor and have them take a look at your back neck and shoulder. Arista Wellness Center treats all your Chiropractic Podiatry and Pain management needs all in one place. For more details visit our website Contact Us Arista Wellness Center 23230 Red River Drive Katy TX 77494 Business Hours: Monday- Thursday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Phone: 281-245-0407

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