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Arif Patel, Arif Patel UK will give you some basic rules and relevant information about cricket. So, learn the rules of cricket for increasing your cricket playing skills and knowledge upgrading. For more information about Arif Patel Dubai, Arif Patel UK and Arif Patel Prestion visits on here: - https://aboutarifpatel.wordpress.com/


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Learn About Cricket Rules With Arif PaTel, Arif Patel Dubai About Cricket Rules


Cricket is a sport that involves a lot of skill in batting, bowling and fielding. Cricket is a sport that has 9 fielders per team, a bowler and a keeper and the opponents have 2 batters in at once, while one is facing up the other is at the other end of the pitch getting ready to run to the other end of the pitch to score a run for their team by Arif Patel . If the batter misses the ball and the ball hits the stumps he is out or if he hits the ball and is caught he is also out. If at any time while the game is in play and you are out of your crease and someone hits the stumps with the ball you are out and that is called a run out. Arif Patel UK


There are 7 types of different games in cricket. Super 8 20/20 50/50 Test 1 day 2 day 40/40 Types of games


To play cricket there is a long list of things you need like Pads Helmet Bat Gloves Whites Ball Runners Box And skill What you need Arif Umarji Patel


If you while you’re batting hit the ball over the fence on the foul you get six runs If it hits the fence you score 4 runs If you hit it into the field you run and how ever many times you run that’s how many runs you get About Scoring Arif Umarji Patel


A basic cricket pitch Arif Umarji Patel


How to bowl Bowling is simple all you have to do is run to the crease lift your left arm to swing around you right arm and let go of the ball when it is pointing at the batsman like. Arif Patel Dubai


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