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The SUPA Graduate School Chris Parkes On behalf of Graduate School Management Committee Particle Physics Theme Graduate Course Thanks to Ifor Samuel, GSMC chair, for general slides Aims and Structure of the Graduate School Video-Conferencing Meeting and Visitor Programme Prize Studentships Courses New SUPA Particle Physics Grad Course Summary and Future Plans


Graduate Training: Issues/Opportunities Problems Small student numbers per topic Little formal training offered; insufficient time Training below international competition Research Council push to do more Difficulties attracting/funding excellent students Opportunies Build stronger international profile Attract international visitors and meetings Develop collaboration (national/international)


Graduate School The key components: New advanced courses pooling expertise across Scotland Pan-Scotland relay of research seminars and colloquia High-prestige prize studentships open to all nationalities International Summer Schools and visitor programme attracting top physicists from around the world block advertising to achieve maximum international visibility an attractor for the best staff and students 40-year track-record and proven international reputation of the Scottish Universities Summer Schools in Physics (SUSSP) dedicated videoconferencing facilities in each physics department

Graduate School Structure: 

Graduate School Structure CEO Executive Committee Graduate School Director SUPA Themes Delivery of Graduate School Programme Graduate School Management Committee


Video-Conferencing Three needs identified: (i) Lectures/seminars (ii) Research meetings (iii) Large lectures Dedicated rooms to be provided At all SUPA institutes for (i)/(ii) Simplicity of operation paramount LCD touch panel operated control system Same equipment and software everywhere 2 projectors, 2 cameras H323 Janet Video Conference Optional extension for Access Grid


Video-Conferencing Rooms identified in each University Technical group of videoconferencing specialists convened Tender document produced and approved European tender in progress Purchasing handled by Glasgow for all institutes Supplier to be chosen in January Operational after Easter 2006 Current Status

Visitors and Meetings: 

Visitors and Meetings Build international profile of Scottish physics Visits by leading physicists enhance (i) graduate training (ii) research strength Visits also foster collaboration with leading institutions

Distinguished Visitor Programme: 

Distinguished Visitor Programme Defined main features of scheme Defined simple application process by host detailing benefits to SUPA Information and form available on web No closing date Applications submitted to Graduate School Director,considered by GSMC Visitors / Applications Prof Norman Christ (lattice QCD) from Columbia has visited Edinburgh PPT Application from Prof Joey Huston (Jets, pdfs) from Michigan Glasgow PPE

Distinguished Visitor Programme: 

Distinguished Visitor Programme Prospective visitors should be based at one(or more) of the SUPA Graduate School institutions, and will be expected to provide specific benefits for the training of graduate students and/or research. These benefits might include some or all of the following: Participation in SUPA area research Giving short lecture courses, colloquia. Visits to SUPA institutions other than the host institution(s) are strongly encouraged.


Meetings Three areas identified: (i) Small scale support (£1000) e.g. Support an invited speaker, build SUPA name (ii) Medium scale support (£5000) Enable a symposium relevant to SUPA to run (iii) Full scale summer school (£25000) Enable a meeting focussed on training in a research area relevant to SUPA research

Meetings: Activity: 

Meetings: Activity Information and form available on web Small scale support Ferroelectrics, Paisley Astrobiology, St Andrews 2nd International Lattice Field Theory Network Workshop, Edinburgh + PPT SUPA Symposia to be held termly alternate Glasgow/Edinburgh (incl. Student presentations)

Meetings: Summer Schools: 

Meetings: Summer Schools Underwritten International Advanced School in Lattice field Theory Enable Glasgow / Edinburgh PPT groups to participate in larger JSPS scheme Aim to work with SUSSP Memorandum of understanding in preparation

Prize Studentships: 

Prize Studentships Aim to attract outstanding students from across the world Web based application process Shortlisting by themes Final selection at GSMC meeting


Online Application Form Closing deadline ~ January


SUPA Prize Studentships 2005 High degree of consistency in ranking between members of GSMC GSMC ranking was remarkably consistent with theme ranking Extremely high quality students were attracted to apply Agreement between institutions Pleased to welcome new SUPA particle physicists: Simone Marzani,Thomas Reiter, PPT Edinburgh Franciole da Cunha Marinho, PPE Glasgow


Graduate School Director First attempt - advertised March Position not filled New applications received last week Considerably Stronger Field Key appointment to develop graduate school


Courses – (i) Inter-Theme First inter-theme course will be Data Analysis 2 Day Residential course in Glasgow 9th / 10th January Probability Bayesian andamp; Frequentist Approaches Fourier Methods Inverse Methods Monte-Carlo Methods


Courses – (ii) Particle Physics Extensive Graduate Training Programme Developed 146 hours of Video Conferenced Lectures ! Use existing facilities till new rooms available Nuclear Physics students also attend Face-to-Face Sessions Every two weeks in Glasgow / Edinburgh Theory, Experiment, Detector, Skills Web pages with linked syllabus of courses Course convenor CP, Edinburgh contact: Alistair Hart Particular thanks also to David Miller, Franz Muheim

Particle Physics Courses: 

Particle Physics Courses Theory Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, David Miller (Glasgow) Standard Model QCD, Thomas Binoth (Edinburgh) Standard Model Electroweak, David Sutherland (Glasgow) Beyond the Standard Model, Tilman Plehn (Edinburgh) Lattice QCD, Christine Davies (Glasgow) + transmission of three existing 5th year Edinburgh undergraduate courses Groups and Symmetries/Fundamental Symmetries, Tony Kennedy Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, Arjun Berera Modern Quantum Field Theory, Roger Horsley

Particle Physics Courses: 

Particle Physics Courses Experimental QCD Physics, James Ferrando (Glasgow) Quark Hadron Structure, David Ireland (Glasgow) Electroweak Physics, Victoria Martin (Edinburgh) CP Violation, Chris Parkes (Glasgow) Neutrino Physics, Paul Soler (Glasgow)

Particle Physics Courses: 

Detectors Solid State Detectors andamp; Electronics, Richard Bates – Theory (Glasgow), (Wil)liam Cunningham - Fabrication (Glasgow) Particle Detectors, Stephan Eisenhardt (Edinburgh) + lectures organised by John Adams Institute (new UK Accelerator Centre) Accelerators, Ted Wilson (CERN) Particle Physics Courses

Particle Physics Courses: 

Skills Discussion Classes, student presentations, Rick St Denis (Glasgow) + Franz Muheim (Edinburgh) C++/Object Oriented Programming, William Bell (Glasgow) Shell Scripts, Chris Collins-Tooth (Glasgow) Computing classes have hands-on sessions as well as lectures Particle Physics Courses


SUPA Grad School Next Steps Recruit Graduate School Director Run 2006 prize studentship competition Complete videoconferencing rooms Define further courses Complete discussions with SUSSP Develop course material including distance learning Develop sustainability


Summary Particle physics theme playing leading role in SUPA grad school Extensive Graduate Lecture Programme 19 courses in 2005/2006 146 hours of lectures 9 tutorial afternoons 3 SUPA Studentships 2 Meetings/Summer Schools 2 Distinguished Visitors

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