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Leveraging Effective Collaboration in Communities & Open Distributed Teams: 

Leveraging Effective Collaboration in Communities andamp; Open Distributed Teams to the Protégé Project Team Stanford Medical Informatics by Peter P. Yim andlt;peter.yim@cim3.comandgt; August 13, 2004 ( v 1.01 )

Introducing CIM: 

Introducing CIM CIM Engineering, Inc. - San Mateo, CA Incorporated in California – Jan. 1989 CIM: Computer Integrated Manufacturing (with our origin in manufacturing and manufacturing systems) CIM3: originally, 'Computer Integrated-Man-Machine Manufacturing' now, 'Collaboration In huMan-Machine-Methodology' Effectively, we are about optimizing systems of: People, Tools and Process

What Does CIM3 Do?: 

What Does CIM3 Do? Mission: to enable more effective distributed collaboration and virtual enterprise through bootstrapping collective intelligence over the Internet Doing business as: '', '' and '' – the business arm of the company – the collaborative work environments where client Communities of Practice and distributed team workspaces are hosted – the research arm, and holder of the company’s open technology, content and other intellectual properties Products/Services: providing an ISP/ASP based Collaborative Work Environment ('CWE') infrastructure that enables distributed project teams, virtual enterprise partners and communities of practice to work effectively over the Internet.

Our Focus:Communities & Distributed Teams: 

Our Focus: Communities andamp; Distributed Teams People as an integral part of the system The Community Spectrum [Kaplan/iCohere] Affinity Networks Learning Communities Communities of Practice (CoP’s) Project Teams We optimize our infrastructure, tools and process for CoP’s and Distributed Project Teams

Our Hosting Facility: 

Our Hosting Facility

CIM3's Approach: 

CIM3's Approach Augmentation - human-machine interaction - collaboration - communities Openness - we use open-source software andamp; comply with open standards as much as we can; we open-source our technology and content, and participate in open standards development Capitalizing on the Internet technology: taking it from the research and academic network to the current form as publishing media to Transactions and Web Services onto being its future as knowledge media in the Semantic Web Providing Enterprise performance, quality, robustness, security andamp; fault tolerance Providing platform neutrality: supporting machines on PC’s, Mac’s, Linux, Unix, … System built upon a knowledge architecture optimized for distributed teamwork Emphasis on effectiveness and strategic value - not technology Supporting entire user spectrum: from the everyday users to the power users While we do open-source work, we believe in properly remunerating our contributors, and in helping create a viable economic model for open work

The Case for the Augmentation Approach in CWE: 

The Case for the Augmentation Approach in CWE We work towards providing a work environment for both humans and machines, optimizing between objectives like Supporting the expressiveness that humans need to convey their ideas, and the structure and rigor that machines need to properly interoperate - in essence, promoting both creativity and operational efficacy The ease-of-use that everyday users need, and the versatility and extensibility that power users need to take their work to the next level Securing the borders of the cwe to malicious intruders, while encouraging access, participation, sharing and the free flow of information and knowledge among members of the trusted communities Catering to the quality requirements of information and transaction processing systems and the realities of human behavior that just aren’t * Fully describable, fully online, fully informative, fully accurate, or fully responsible Our intent is to foster shared understanding and learning We are trying to spur innovation, as well as organic or emergent behavior in the user communities and teams * Ref: Winograd, Newman, Yim 'Including People in CIM Designs'

The Collaborative Work Environment Features: 

The Collaborative Work Environment Features archived email forum Wiki : a read-and-write web document repository/file sharing workspace Community of Practice (CoP) portal Fine-grain access and linking ('purple numbers') Full-text search voice conferencing screen/application sharing instant messaging real-time chat session Optimized for distributed community and teamwork Platform neutral

Some Current CIM3 Projects & Pilots: 

Some Current CIM3 Projects andamp; Pilots eGov - andlt;sineandgt;, andlt;colabandgt;, andlt;gov-cweandgt; Open standards development: [ontolog] Forum - an international forum on business ontologies NIST – semantic distance workshop on andlt;interopandgt; OASIS-UBL TC work/collaboration support International Collaborative Randamp;D: Millennium Project - State of the Future Index System Development AC/UNU-Millennium Project - hosting and collaboration support Digital Art Ontology - andlt;daoandgt; Learning/Education: Aragon Robotics Team - andlt;artandgt; Western Region Robotics Forum - an adjunct to the FIRST Robotics Competition initiative The CWE where NIST is engaging an international community of multi-disciplinary experts in a discourse on 'semantic distance' The 'pilot' and the 'sandbox' for eGov CWE’s For the community of Government CWE users and administrators

A walk-through of the <ontolog> Community CWE: 

A walk-through of the andlt;ontologandgt; Community CWE The Discussion Forum The Wiki – a read+write website The File Workspace/Repository Best Practices Archived discussions Project HomePages Sharing documents and Resources Augmented Conference Calls Virtual Presentations andamp; Workshops Knowledge sharing, re-use, access andamp; exploration An open collaborative work environment ' … on tackling 'wicked problems': it's about arriving at a shared commitment, with a shared understanding, augmented by a shared display and a facilitator.' -- citing the work by the IBIS people (Horst Rittle/Jeff Conklin)

CWE use cases – Archived Discussions: 

CWE use cases – Archived Discussions ref:

CWE use cases – wiki augmented meetings & calls: 

CWE use cases – wiki augmented meetings andamp; calls ref:

CWE use cases – shared document repository: 

CWE use cases – shared document repository ref:

CWE use cases – collective intelligence: 

CWE use cases – collective intelligence ref:

UseCase: TheList - ThePlate: 

UseCase: TheList - ThePlate

An Organizational Form that the CWE aims at Supporting: 

An Organizational Form that the CWE aims at Supporting Source: Institute for the Future: Johansen, R., Swigart, R.  Upsizing the Individual in the Downsized Organization The Fishnet Organization


References Doug Engelbart's Bootstrap Vision and Mission [ontolog-forum]: CWE Community: CIM3 ISP/ASP Product andamp; Pricing: Collaborative Work Environment Hosting More Information: CIM Engineering, Inc. Peter P. Yim (bio) (cv)

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