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DCS in Japan & China: 

DCS in Japan & China 2006-06-14

What is the DCS?: 

What is the DCS? The Destination Control System increases the handling capacity during up-peak traffic Gathers passengers with similar destinations to the same elevator.


QUESTIONS TO THINK ABOUT DCS is becoming market standard in Europe, what will happen in Asia? Why was Japanese version of DCS not successful in Japan in 1980s? Japanese elevator companies represent 1/3 of China market. Do they turn against DCS in China? Any cultural factors, which may influcence to the popularity of DCS?


768 366 52 59 488 274 Existing/Sold DCS Elevators with DCS 2005 Sources of data: MPU, FLs, competitors, EW, real estate news 853 6 by Otis (2006-08) CHN 130, TWN 20, HK 180


MISSION To get good understanding about the needs of the Japanese and Chinese elevator users To find differencies between the values of Japanese and Chinese people Does there exist cultural bound obstacles against the DCS concept? To find out what layouts and functionalities of the DOP are preferred


METHODS Interviewing Japanese architects Interviewing and conducting scenarios to people working or living in high-rise buildings Contacting local Elevator Associations Recording and observing general behavior in an elevator context

CONCLUSIONS JAPAN & CHINA: DOP logic and layout: 

In both countries on a touch screen DOP left to right button layout is preferred Special buttons local letters preferred Chinese don`t have experience with the western symbols, such as -symbol group call usage seen as complex CONCLUSIONS JAPAN & CHINA: DOP logic and layout


Foreign architects or domestic builders key influencers to the acceptance of new innovations domestic architects have limited influence elevator company co-operates mainly with the architect no elevator consultants Keiretsu model: CONCLUSIONS JAPAN: Architect Interview


Japanese architects highly interested in DCS brings new opportunities to design buildings touch screen DCS should have concrete customer benefits ability to reduce one shaft? security card readers to combine passenger call and access control? CONCLUSIONS JAPAN: Architect Interview


Main reasons for the low success of DCS in Japan in 1980s low marketing/visibility 0 of the architects knew about the DCS concept only little improvement to the efficiency ”upgrades 20% to 30% in a VERY heavy use” brings nothing really new to the building, except costs DOP`s next to the elevator doors usage and design of the floor buttons were conventional floor buttons inside the elevator car (Hybrid) CONCLUSIONS JAPAN: Architects` Interview


Time is everything to a Japanese office worker or even to the housewives DCS instructions should explain the pros of the system Lack of control is not seen as problematic trust in machines integrated into the culture? being used to tube like environments: express trains, education... need to know the arrival time/location after calling it – immediate call allocation DCS should be sold under a local brand CONCLUSIONS JAPAN: Office Workers` Interviews


Allocation of people into different elevators not problem the closest friends are from the same floor no need to talk inside the elevator Door close button is a must when information of a person approaching, door close button wouldn`t be used how to allocate this to the passenger? CONCLUSIONS JAPAN: Office Workers` Interviews


Instead of time, space, control and social interaction more important for Chinese knowing beforehand which elevator to take is valued Car call buttons are a must talking inside the elevator is normal Knowing the arrival time of the elevator seen important showing the waiting time same time with the guidance? showing the location of the moving elevator? DCS should be sold under a foreign brand No need for allocated passengers based on gender CONCLUSIONS CHINA: Office Workers` Interviews


As in Japan, consultants` influence is minor Domestic companies are in a key role, whereas foreign firms have the role of consulting Parties in elevator business: CONCLUSIONS CHINA ELEVATOR ASSOCIATION

How to Proceed?: 

How to Proceed? Seems that DCS less attractive for Chinese users than for Japanese Preferred solutions Full configuration for Japanese (Efficiency) Hybrid configuration for Chinese (Control) Possible features elevator calling with a mobile phone gender elevator would be too extreme Touch screen is a must good modifiability high-tech atmosphere


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