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UNEP-IUCN-FAO „CDM and Forestry“ Addis, Oct 2003 Capacity building Brainstorming ideas towards support for LULUCF implementation Concept development for Phase Two of the UNEP-IUCN-FAO parternship for capacity-building in Forestry and


UNEP-IUCN-FAO „CDM and Forestry“ Addis, Oct 2003 First phase of the UNEP-IUCN-FAO partnership Technical briefing sessions at regional negotiator meetings on CDM LULUCF modalities in 2001/2002 Various background material IUCN-UNEP-WWF website on LULUCF ( Publications such as Carbon, Forests and People UNEP-ICRAF document on Agroforestry under the CDM FAO reader on CDM modalities FAO-led process on Harmonisation of Forest Definitions any many more Technical workshops in Latin America (Quito, Montevideo) Nairobi meeting in January 2003 in preparation of UNFCCC workshop in Brazil Technical support to Party submissions March 2003 Pre-SBSTA meeting for Latin America and Africa, June 2003 String of pre-COP9 meetings in Asia, Africa and Latin America


UNEP-IUCN-FAO „CDM and Forestry“ Addis, Oct 2003 First phase of the UNEP-IUCN-FAO partnership up to COP9 in Milan Suggesting a pre-sessional, inter-regional one-day meeting in Milan? (26 November 2003?) Participation by interested Parties and LULUCF experts from Africa and Latin America? Participation of Asian Parties? Support for broad representation (of technical experts) from developing countries at COP9 Country-driven COP9 side-event on crunch issues


UNEP-IUCN-FAO „CDM and Forestry“ Addis, Oct 2003 Assuming that COP9 will fix decisions as related to A&R under the CDM Expecting that investors will follow a cautious approach Considering that modalities for A&R activities are considered complex and technically demanding Realizing that national institutions (DNA plus) will be essential in supporting CDM LULUCF project portfolios Taking into account that A&R activities require considerable cross-sectoral collaboration Considering that environmental and social impacts (and benefits) of A&R activities will be future key issue Stepping into Phase 2 ....


UNEP-IUCN-FAO „CDM and Forestry“ Addis, Oct 2003 Project level Awareness raising and technical back-stopping Development of baseline methodologies, Development of additionality tests, Methodological screening for Environmental and Socio-economic Impact Assessment Supporting national centres of excellence Mainstreaming into environmental and socio-economic programmes/policies, Provision of land cover data


UNEP-IUCN-FAO „CDM and Forestry“ Addis, Oct 2003 National level Linking/feed-back between forestry sector and climate change group, Institutional support for DNAs as well as forestry and environmental agencies/centres of excellence, National carbon accounting, National reporting requirements on forestry and MEAs, synergy development, Linking adaptation and LULUCF mitigation, Legal framework for LULUCF-CDM and carbon, Strategic planning of best-value for CDM revenue/investment, Co-development with bioenergy/biofuel options


UNEP-IUCN-FAO „CDM and Forestry“ Addis, Oct 2003 Regional/International level Information management and awareness raising, Acquisition of co-financing for institutional capacity building, MEA synergies on COP level, Back-up in relevant regional fora of environment, forestry, energy and investment sector, Strengthening of initiatives such as Forest Landscape Restoration and Agroforestry and related research, Project networking and training Support for regional DOEs, Harmonisation of Forest Definitions

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