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Pan’s Labyrinth :

Pan’s Labyrinth This trailer has a lot of small clues and is very captivating in a subtle way. A Spanish film but it is not told as there are no subtitles and there is an English

Sound :

Sound The sound has a really big impact in this trailer as it really sets the mood and there is a crescendo in which the audience is then excited about the film and what may happen. The music at the beginning of the film is very quiet and only sounds like a piano being played giving it an eerie feel to the film but it starts to gain momentum when the SFX of the film and the story of a princess “from another world” is explained . As this progresses steadily, there is a climatic collection of scenes at a fast pace to again interest the audience to go watch this film and it works well. Every time we see the military influence we always get this sombre tone and it practically warns the audience of these certain characters and how they have a bad influence. The voiceover helps the audience understand the concept of the legend and the way this ‘princess’ is coming back and forth from reality. The voiceover really explains the story as it tells all the necessary features of the story such as the setting and situations but it leave an enigma as it doesn’t tell all the details. This voiceover is very effective as the films international nature isn’t shown so people are not thrown off but the voiceover effectively creates mystery and obscurity for the audience to be intrigued.

Codes and Conventions :

Codes and Conventions The image behind the titling suggests a psychological element to the film hinting the genre. There is a real conflict of fantasy vs. reality and it is all to do with perceptions and views. We see a colourful fantasy of magic, mysticism and wonderment and then brought back to the dark and hard-hitting reality.  This effect follows the codes and conventions of fantasy as it introduces the audience to a world in which they can escape to compared to the dreary colours of reality. The prominence of the fairytale/legend captivates the audience and appeals to an slightly older audience as they can relive their childhood fantasies yet still be dragged back to a conflicting and harsh reality The effects of the film are very extraordinary, as it seems so realistic and it enhances the fantasy convention yet there is the drama with the fact that war is in the background of this film. A violent setting with rain, gunshots plus a dark and gloomy setting is first introduced to us . The voiceover sets the scene, as ‘hope was bleak’ stating a violent undertone with the film however the music then transitions to a softer tone and we see this girl reading a fairytale, which almost initiates the genre. These are the first two things we see and already we see a distinguished sense of good and evil.

Editing :

Editing The end becomes fast paced and show quick clips of fantasy and reality clashing. Gruesome scenes like a man starting to cut someone’s leg and the protagonist girl being locked builds and builds along with the music to where it stops to a calm pace and we see the title. The editing starts like a normal trailer just cuts between various scenes in order to set a narrative and begin the story

What the Audience Expect :

What the Audience Expect What also emphasise this film is that there are brilliant reviews, which are shows so that audiences can see that the film has an opinion and hence influence their own. It is said, by the voiceover, that Guillermo Del Toro has directed this film and some people may be attracted by this. This video is from a person who had watched the trailer and his views on it. There are reviews people might come across that sway’s their view. For example this was done after people had watch the movie so we have a direct source from the audience themselves. Especially from Empire Magazine in which gave this film a classic rating These things are additions and are seen after the trailer so the trailer is the introduction of gaining the knowledge of what the film is about.

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