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i want this presentation

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It's a very good , it describes the recycling in good way !!

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Have you seen this symbol before? : 

Have you seen this symbol before?

Slide 2: 

It's called a mobius loop and is the universal symbol for recycling around the world.

What is Recycling? : 

What is Recycling? Process by which items that would otherwise be solid waste are collected separated and returned to the economic mainstream to be reused in the form of raw materials and finished goods

Slide 4: 

What items are recyclable? Paper Plastic Glass Alumnimum

Slide 5: 

Paper What paper can be recycled? Office Paper Cardboard Boxes

Aluminum : 

Aluminum What aluminum can be recycled? Soda Cans Soup Cans All the Aluminum cans recycled since 1972 would stretch from New York to L.A. and back 15,939 times

Glass : 

Glass Glass that can be recycled? Clear Glass Bottles Green Glass Bottles Amber Glass Bottles

Plastics : 

Plastics Plastic materials that can be recycled are: Soft drink bottles Milk Jugs Water Bottles Soap Containers


CONTAMINATION Certain plastic containers can not be recycled: Deli Meat containers and take-out boxes Only Number 1 and 2 Plastics can be recycled in Charleston Plastic bags


RECYCLING What Can Be Recycled? Paper Items Paper Cardboard Envelopes Phone Books Post-it Notes Magazine Bottles and Cans Cans Plastic Bottles Glass Bottles Milk and Juice Jugs Dish Soap Bottles

Slide 11: 

We’re generating more trash than ever, and we’ve set a community goal to increase recycling especially in city buildings

Slide 12: 

Recycling saves energy, reduces pollution, saves natural resources, and reduces green house gas emissions to help secure Charleston’s future.

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