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Appraisal Leather Goods Ltd is one of the fast growing leather goods manufacturer in Bangladesh. We are specialist in both genuine and fake leather products.Also have setup for jute, canvas, elastic, twill tape and draw cord. Belts ( Original and fake leather, canvas and elastic),Wallets & Purses, leather Jacket,Travels Bag,Executive Bags,Keyrings,Notebook Cover,Mobile Cover, Laptop Bag, Jute and Canvas Bag, Hand Gloves, Leather Shoes and all kind of leather labels/patches are available in our product range. For more details please visit :


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Appraisal Leather Goods Ltd.

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 Established in 2016 with a motto to be a significant manufacturer of all kinds of leather goods in the coming years  We are specialist in both genuine and fake leather products.  Also have setup for jute canvas elastic twill tape and draw cord. Our factory area covers 8000 sft for leather goods and another 2 factory for webbing items  Our strength is a set of expert and experience work force.

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 Innovative and state of the art products.  All kind of leather products solution under the same roof  One of the largest webbing materials supplier in the country We ensure best quality materials from allover the world We customize our products based on all level of customers demand Dedicated account managers are always aware of your product needs  On time delivery facility

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Belts Original and fake leather canvas and elastic  Wallets Purses Jacket Travels Bag Executive Bags Key Rings Note Book Cover  Mobile Cover Laptop Bag  Jute and Canvas Bag  Hand Gloves Shoes etc And all kind of leather labels/patches Visit our website :

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In the next slides we are trying to give ideas on some promotional and gift items which can be made of both genuine and fake leathers. We also make customize promotional products beside the regular goods

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