How to Check and Charge Apple Pencil Battery Life?


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There are two methods of charging the Pencil without USB connector and wall charger. Check our blog on -


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How to Check and Charge Apple Pencil Battery Life?:

How to Check and Charge Apple Pencil Battery Life? Apple Customer Support

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When Apple launched its huge iPad Pro in November 2016, it became its style statement with Apple Pencil. With 12.9 inch retina display, it will be bit difficult to use it without Pencil. It is fitted with rechargeable, non-replaceable battery which is tiny 3.82 V, 0.329 Wh lithium ion. The brand said it can gain up to 30 minutes of battery with 15 seconds of charge . Now how to charge when there is no USB connector, when it is charged or how to check the battery life ?

Charging Process::

Charging Process: Plug it into the Lightning Connector on iPad Pro for charging for charging Apple Pencil quickly. Other method of charging it is by plugging it into the USB port with its Pencil Charging Adapter and a Lightning to USB cable. Now plug the connector to USB port on the computer system, AC adapter, USB car charger or in any battery backup device. There are two methods of charging the Pencil without USB connector and wall charger :

How to check its power unit’s life::

How to check its power unit’s life: You cannot directly check the battery percentage as there is no indicator on Apple Pencil. For checking the status you need to enable iOS 9’s battery widget on iPod Pro. Below is the way of checking the battery life: For bringing Notification Center, swipe towards the bottom of the screen on iPod Pro . After switching to Today view at the bottom you will find Edit button, press that button . For enabling the widget press the green Plus sign available next to Batteries. Press Done .

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