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Appsted is a leading iPhone App Development Company offering excellent quality iPhone App development services for the last 10 years. Appsted has a team of 250 highly skilled and experienced iPhone App Developers which have a track record of delivering consistent high quality services to its clients worldwide.


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All about iPhone app development to create the best app There is no doubt about the fact that iPhone app development helps businesses grow and increase the profits in no time when the users of the app find the app experience so immersing and high-end. Going by the facts of iPhone app development market it is no lie that Android market has a greater share than iPhone app development because of the ease of developing the Android apps. Why people choose Android over iPhone app development services Another truth is that developing an Android app is less expensive than the iPhone apps which gives a better option to most of the businesses to go for Android rather than iPhone that is just because of the budget of certain companies and organisations who want to get a business Android app developed by the professionals. Facts about iPhone app development you should know: The things that we are going to discuss below are essential to know by the iPhone developers of the iPhone app development company as well as the entrepreneurs of any company or business who want to get the business app developed. ● Never compare that Android app development is good or worse just because iPhone app development is more expensive or it is costly to hire iPhone developers. ● Getting iPhone app developed for your business will help you take your business to the next level. This is because the features and user-experiences that one can integrate into an iPhone app is not possible with Android ● Paid or free iPhone apps: Before any iPhone app development process starts it’s important to keep in mind about who the target users are and what is their mentality about spending on paid apps of iPhone. It matters a lot whether the users will be ready to pay for your app or not

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If the iPhone Android app development company you have hired is creating an app with complex features and some in-app purchases but there is nothing new or there are similar free apps available in the market then no one will pay for your app. This is an obvious thing if the people are able to get the same thing for free or at less price why they would spend more money on your app at all One thing that we have easily learned here is that iPhone apps are to be conceptualised and developed only with the end-user in mind- their choice and preferences Tip: If you are getting an app build for your business and communication with the users of the app then you must try to keep the app informative and concentrate on business rather than monetising. However if your goal is certainly to monetise the app ad-supported will help you earn money. Important Factors to know about iOS app development: ● iTunes Approval policy: When there are stricter policies in App Store it is expected by the users that the app will be of amazing quality and there will be no crashes or issues in the app. This holds very much true because there are some rules and policies laid down by Apple to maintain the standards of app store. If you are an iPhone development company or even you are a client make sure that you understand that your app may not be selected in first go and approved by the App Store. If they think that your app is not following the guidelines they have laid off or the content is not up to the mark then it will surely make impact on the decision of approving or disapproving the app submitted for reviewing. There are many barriers to the entry of the apps. As we talked about the content above same thing applies to the design also. If the design is not upto the mark and nothing new and innovative can be seen in the app Apple will not let your app enter into the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. ● No worries about iPhone versions: The best part about developing an iPhone app is that one version can suit almost all the versions of iPhones and iPads as well. No issue of fragmentation at all In the case of Android phones there are so many platforms that it is difficult for Android development company to create apps that suit the requirements of different phones. This is just because of one good thing about Apple that it lets its users to upgrade their old phone with the latest iOS versions. For example: Users with iPhone 5s can upgrade their phone to iOS 10.

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Conclusion: Security has always been great when it comes to Apple apps. We can’t say that iPhone apps are safer than the Android or the vice-versa. But certainly the barriers we discussed about are very helpful in keeping the things more better for the users and iPhone Developers should know about it.

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