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SKY System : 

SKY System Knowing about Self The New Age of Yoga Meditation Physical Exercises Kayakalpa Yoga Introspection A Simplified System of Physical Exercise for Integral Health Care Health Exercise Program (HEP) = High Efficiency people

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With the Blessings of Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi

May the whole world enjoy Prosperity, Happiness and Peace. : 

By the grace of the Divine Power we all may enjoy good health, long life, enough wealth, wisdom and peace. May the whole world enjoy Prosperity, Happiness and Peace.

Significance of Simplified Physical Exercise : 

Significance of Simplified Physical Exercise Designed by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi after many years of research and experiment by himself Comprises simple asanas, acu-pressure, massaging, relaxation & foot reflexology Can be practiced from ages 8 to 80 Takes less than 30 minutes to practice daily

Benefits of Simplified Physical Exercises : 

Benefits of Simplified Physical Exercises Oxygenize the Human Body Activate the Endocrine Glands Helps purify the Blood and regulates its circulation Rejuvenate the whole body Build up very high level of immunity against diseases

Instructions : 

Instructions No Jerks or straining the body during exercises Practice on empty stomach or after 4 hours of solid food or 30 minutes after liquid food such as coffee, tea, juice Concentrate on the part of body and keep the eyes closed Use Yoga Mat Learn from a Qualified SKY Master No exercise for four months after surgery Women not to practice during menstrual periods i.e. 3-5 days Pregnant women consult with SKY Masters for doing exercise

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Stand erect with feet close to one another Lift both hands above and join the palms together. Take 4 complete normal breaths. Then bring the arms back and take 2 breath. Repeat this for 3 times. Benefits: Blood flow in the hand is reversed removing air gap. Movements in the shoulders is improved.

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POSTURE 2: Stretch both arms to the front and join the palms in front of chest. Breathe Out and swing the hand towards the sides. While breathing in bring the hands towards the chest. Repeat this 5 times. Benefits : Lungs get expanded while stretching and more oxygen gets in. Shoulder movements will get better.

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Part I: Join the fingers together. Rotate the right hand clockwise for 5 rounds. Then rotate the left hand for 5 rounds. Keep the fingers in the same position, and rotate the right hand anti-clockwise for 5 rounds. Do the same for left hand. Part II: With fingers together, rotate both the hands in clockwise for 5 round. Rotate both the hands in anti clockwise for 5 rounds. Part III: Keep the fingers together. Put your right leg one step forward. Your right arm is stretched in front and left arm at back. Rotate both the hands clockwise simultaneously, like the way you do swimming. Repeat for 5 rounds. Rotate both the hands anti-clockwise. Repeat for 5 rounds. Benefits:. 1.Hands and shoulders are strengthened. 2. Arthritis, Numbness, Trembling of hands, pain in the joints etc. are reduced in a few days and cured with prolonged practice. 3. Improves the functioning of lungs.

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Stand erect with feet apart – about a feet apart. Bring your hands in front of you and thumbs touching at the ends with one foot in front of your face. Turn your whole body to the right keeping your eyes on the fingers. At this time hold the big toe of the left foot while right foot is comfortable in ground. When you turn left, pivot on the right big toe. Repeat this 5 times. PART II (pic H-20): Stand keeping the feet parallel and 2 inches apart. Place the hands on the knee, bending your body forward. Rotate the knees clockwise 5times. Rotate anticlockwise and finish with clockwise all 5 times. BENEFITS: Knees joints are strengthened. Mobility increases.

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Sit on the ground extending the legs. Keep the feet one and half feet apart. Keep the hands behind. Wave the feet inward and outward. Do this 5 times each side. Keep the feet one feet apart. Wave the feet side to side in unison. Do this 5 times each side. Next Rotate the toes right around 5 times. Rotate the toes left 5 times

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Keep the right foot on the left thigh. Press and massage the toes, soles and heel by the hands. Make sure you do not miss any part while massaging. Put your left palm on the ankle bone and right hand beneath the bone and rotate 3 times clockwise, then anticlockwise and then clockwise. Rotate the foot using the left hand while holding the ankle by the right hand in clockwise 5 times. Repeat the same in anticlockwise and then clockwise. Repeat the same with left foot on the right thigh. Note: Do not press the points too much.

Slide 14: 

Sit in Vajrasana Position. Massage the back from upper side to lower side on the kidney region. Benefits of leg exercises: Legs are strengthened. Blood circulation gets regulated in all parts of the body It’s a preventive and curative for arthritis. By massaging the soles and toes important organs in the body are activated.

Slide 15: 

Neuro Muscular Breathing: Posture 1: Sit in vajrasana position. Join the thumb and index finger (chin mudra) of each hand. Fix the joined the fingers in the joint between the thighs and the abdomen. Exhaling bend forward from the waist as much as possible without any strain. Make sure the spinal cord, neck and head are in straight position. Inhaling, raise the body from the waist. Repeat this 5 times.

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Posture 2: Bend your thumb on the palm in both the hands and close the four fingers over the thumb. Keep the joined hands under the belly button (navel). Exhale and bend forward like you did in the previous one. Make sure your spine, neck and head are in straight position. Inhale and raise the body from the waist. Repeat this for 5 times.

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Posture 3: Sit comfortably cross legged position. Put your right hand on the belly button (navel) and your left hand over the right ear. Keep the head straight and centered. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply with eyes closed. Repeat this 5 times. Your left lung is expanded at the back and oxygen is supplied. Repeat the above posture with left hand on the belly button and right hand over the left ear. Take deep breaths for 5 counts. Your left lung is expanded and oxygen is supplied. Cover your right hand over the left ear and left hand over the right ear. Take deep breath for 5 counts. By this both lungs are fully expanded at the back.

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4. Cover your right palm over the right ear and left palm over the left ear. Take deep breathing 5 times. This helps both the lungs to expand fully. 5. Cup your hands and cover the palms of your hand over the eyes with right palm on right eye and left palm on left eye. Take deep breaths for 5 counts. BENEFITS OF NUERO MUSCULAR EX: The breathing regulates the endocrine system and oxygenises all the glands and organs. Full lung capacity is increased which helps in purifying the blood and increases vital energy. Thus helping in curing headache, insomnia, asthma & bronchial troubles.

Slide 19: 

EYE EXERCISES Sit comfortably preferably in Vajrasana Position. Keep your thumbs on both hand in thumbs up position together on a level with your eyes, your elbows slightly bent. HORIZONTAL : With your eyes on the thumbs, horizontally swing your hands normally from right and left and follow this movement with your eyes. Your eyes turn left and right. Do not strain your neck, you can slightly swing the neck. Do it 5 times.

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2. VERTICAL : In the same position, lift the hands vertically as far as you can and bring them down close to your lap. Swing your eyes with the hand movement. Do not strain your neck, you can slightly swing the neck. Do it 5 times.

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3. DIAGONAL : Move your hands up and down diagonally starting from right upper corner with eyes fixed on the thumbs. Right up and left down. Do not strain your neck, you can slightly swing the neck. Do it 5 times. Move your hands up and down diagonally starting from left upper corner with eyes fixed on the thumbs. Left up and right down. Do not strain your neck, you can slightly swing the neck. Do it 5 times.

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4. Rotation: Clockwise Rotation: Eyes on the thumbs, slowly move the hands and arms in clockwise direction for 5 times. Eyes should follow the thumb. Move your head slightly with rotation. Anti-clockwise Rotation: Repeat the same steps with hands and arms in anti-clockwise direction for 5 times.

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5. TO AND FRO: Draw the hands as close to eyes, up to the nose tip by bending the elbows. Then extend the hands away from the eyes fully straightening the arms. Repeat this 5 times. Eyes should be on the thumbs. BENEFITS OF EYE EXCERSISES: Helps to correct defective eyesight by toning up all the muscles around the eyes. Prevents eye-strain, itching and other eye diseases. Continuously doing this exercises helps in improving your vision power.

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Sit comfortably. In the mooladhara position, Close the left nostril with one finger of your right hand. Exhale forcefully and inhale through the right nostril. Close the right nostril and exhale forcefully on the left nostril and inhale. Repeat this 10 times. Then rest for a minute. Repeat this again for 2 such cycles. BENEFITS: Sinusitis will be cleared. Dust and other foreign particles deposited under the nostrils, respiratory system and lungs will be removed. Body gets energized and charged Blood flow to brain is increased.

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MAKARASANA PART 1: Lie down flat, face upward. Hands at 45 degree towards the side and in chin mudra. Now move your head to the right side and twist the body to the left. Move your head to left and twist the body to the right. Repeat 3 times each side. After this repeat the same with knees bend upwards the ankle as close to the spine end. Now, extend your leg, put right leg over left and do the twisting. Next, left leg over the right leg. After this, put right ankle in between left toe and big toe and repeat the posture. Left ankle between right toe and big toe. All 3 sides each. Now raise your hands and legs from ground. Stretch your right hand and leg, while drawing left hand and leg drawn to the body. Repeat this on the other side, and do this for 10 counts. Benefits: Helps in functions and regularizing of the glands. Strengthens spinal nerves. Helps in curing diabetes, arthritis, nerve pain, blood pressure and spinal pain.

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MAKARASANA II: Lie on your stomach with hands at 45 degree on side. With legs straight, turn your head to the right and twisting the body to the extreme right. Right palm touches the ground and left hand in 45 degree. Similarly turn on the left side. Repeat this 3 times each side. Now bend the legs at the knees and do the twist as above. Keep right foot on the left leg and do the posture. Put the left leg on the right leg and do the twisting. Now, put the right ankle over the left first toe and big toe and twist. Do the same with left ankle on the right big toe and first toe. Raise the head and turn the head to the right side bringing the right leg folded to the right side. Now turn the head to left side bringing the left leg folded to the left side. This should resemble movments of crocodile. Do this 3 twists each side. Relax for a minute as shown in pic.

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Lie down facing upward. With body relaxed, massage around your belly button (navel) with right hand clockwise, anticlockwise and finish with clockwise 3 times each. Place your right hand over the left chest and massage around it 3 times clockwise, anticlockwise and finish with clockwise. Do the same with left hand over right chest. Put right thumb and left thumb on the ear pit and rotate 3 times clockwise, anticlockwise and finish with clockwise. Then, massage all parts of external ears and earlobes using thumbs and forefinger. Place the thumb on the temples and rotate 3 times clockwise, anticlockwise and clockwise. Place your palms on the eyes. Massage the nose with little fingers on the side of the nose from up and down 3 times. With palms on the face, massage the face 3 times.

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Lie down flat on the back. The first 3 fingers of left hand touches the back of the first 3 bones on the top of the spine diagonally over the right hand side. With the tip of index finger of your right hand put slight pressure on each point and mediate for 30 seconds. Benefits: When practiced regularly, it helps in preventing heart diseases, regulate blood pressure and alleviating insomnia. Short circuit of electrical energy in any part of the body would be cleared.

E : 

E Lie down on the back. Keep the whole body relaxed and feet apart. Close the eyes and relax. BENEFITS: This is helpful in bringing down blood pressure, will prevent recurrence of heart trouble if practiced regularly. Whole body gets energized.

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Good Health Prosperity Happiness Longevity Peace

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