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We are the best in ensuring that the chargers are gathered in an adaptable manner and it is for PC power supply structure, R&D and creation and it is done on a worldwide level. The genie charger can work in any region so as to keep the genie battery charged.


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Hangzhou Aodi Electronic Control Co. Ltd. Power up your devices with Genie Charger Hangzhou Aodi Electronic Control Co.Ltd. is said to be one of the best Genie charger manufacturers and also distributors where we also strive in examining improving and creating of many different types of chargers like JLG charger access platform charger and much more. The genie charger JLG charger and access platform charger are said to be used for charging the devices where there is no harm done. The chargers are said to be manufactured with the best quality parts so that the users can use it without any hassle. We are the best in making sure that the chargers are assembled in a flexible way and it is for PC power supply structure RD andcreation and it is done on a global level. The genie charger can work in any county in order to keep the genie battery charged. There are 4 main plug types included where it can slide up in and out of the wall charger in order to adapt the power socket in any location. The access platform chargers are said to save the batteries of any of the access platforms which is like the boom lifts scissor lifts aerial lifts and many more when there is a requirement of long working time needed to be served at the rough working places.

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How to keep the battery maintained for a longer time • A lot of dirt can be stocked up in the battery banks so you should make sure to clean it up. Make sure the batteries are clean and dry or else there can be a surface release. With this there is a reduction in scissor lifts and electric blasts. • It is important that you should run the amp-draw test. You should make sure to use an advanced carbon heap battery analyser in order to make sure that the batteries are performing up to its determination. 40-60 amps are said to be pulled by the normal automobile parts load analyser where this is said to be not sufficient for the little machine batteries. The scissor lifts and littler blasts are said to have four batteries whereas the bigger machines are said to vehemently incorporate a bank of eight batteries. • The charger test is said to be performed by connecting the battery charger. You should make sure to check that all of the batteries are charging relevantly where there is supplant of the incorrigible batteries. You should make sure that all of the batteries are working in the best way so that there is no need to supplant the battery. With the help of the above methodsthere will be an expansion in the battery’s administration life. If the battery is not tended in the best way there will be a requirement that the battery should be supplanted within 12 months. But if the battery is maintained in the best way possible there is a possibility that the battery will go on for 3 years and there will be no supplant required.

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Contact Us: Company Name: Hangzhou Aodi Electronic Control Co. Ltd. Contact Person: Jenny Country/Region: China Street Address: No.1280 Xincheng RdXiaoshan District City: Hangzhou State: Zhejiang Postal Code: 311210 Phone No: 13666693818 Email Address: INFOAODICHARGER.COM Website: Thank You

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