Hire Florida Yachts and Celebrate Life


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Treat your family and friends aboard a luxury charter yacht in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Florida. Choose from rental charter yacht Florida, private cruises, luxury sailboats available in Miami, Florida and Fort Lauderdale.


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Hire Florida Yachts and Celebrate Life:

Hire Florida Yachts and Celebrate Life Sneed Tropical Yacht Charters

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Florida yacht charters provide excellent access to year round climate. Perhaps the best time of year for yacht charter can be November to April though that doe’s not mean off-seasons are bad.

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Travel is an expression of success. A vacation in Florida is incomplete with out yachts. Florida is the birthplace of all luxury yacht charters. Entirely surrounded by water with two coastal borders in the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and thousands of 000 lakes it has most exclusive yachts. The feeling of being on your yacht and seeing the labyrinth between water and sky will die out all all the worries in the world. The opportunities are so exciting that will make you feel like doing such adventures all your life. Yacht chartering requires both time and money. Before chartering, one must to analyze the different locations and the costs.

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Hundreds of Yacht companies operate in Florida who has very supportive staff ready to assist customers looking to hire yachts. Yacht Companies

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Florida is a larger charter ground where you can facilitate all types of yacht chartering. St. Petersburg is in Florida’s West Coast to visit for cruising in warm, protected where wildlife and dolphins can enthrall you. St. Petersburg features a vibrant nightlife like in Florida. For nature lovers, Florida sunsets are a spectacular experience. On a Florida yacht charter you can guarantee the finest views from the deck of the luxury yacht. Yacht charters in Florida happen all through the year and there is no seasonal restriction. Largest charter Grounds

High demand:

High demand Worldover demand for private luxury yachts is increasing steadily. The recreational boat ownership is a $45 billion international industry with sales growing annually at 5-10 percent. The main driver of yacht industry is the tax-free clause of 'off shore' residency on a yacht like cruising the world and docking in exotic locations including Porto Cervo Marina in Sardinia, Marina Frapa in Croatia, Port d'Hercule in Monte Carlo and Emerald Bay Marina in the Bahamas. In fact Yacht chartering tops the list of the most popular and expensive activity for people having a net worth of more than US$10 million. Describing the spending habits of millionaires, the Elite Traveler magazine noted that summer holiday spending has been up by 65 percent in 2012.


Costs It is estimated that spending on private yacht charters costs an average US$384,000 per family with the cost of chartering between $200,000 - $250,000 for a week. The trend among the rich for 'experiential excursions' is more than a typical tourist vacation. That is why yachts add demand to the yachting and marina industries.

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