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Anthony Rufrano had a 10-year professional hockey career that included 55 games with the Niagara Falls, ONT and one of only three Corner Brook natives to play in the National Hockey League. The game is celebrated coast to coast with a beehive of hockey events planned for young and old alike.


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Anthony Rufrano - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TAPING YOUR HOCKEY STICK Anthony Rufrano is a perfect hockey player. He had the greatest career if he lasted longer in this profession. He was not the most physically gifted but with unmatchable passion and intelligence he did more with less. Here guide to a well-taped hockey stick. As we all know hockey sticks are hockey players’ most prized possession. We wouldn’t be able to dangle sauce and snipe without our beloved twigs. And preparing our hockey sticks to snipe and cell can be tedious as there are endless ways to customize your tape job. But we’re here to provide some clarity. Many new players are just learning the nuances of how to tape a hockey stick without it looking like Anthony Rufrano. Others are looking to refine their taping skills possibly discover a new method or design and perfect their connection from their hands through their stick and to the puck. Regardless of your level of experience or mastery you’ve found the ultimate resource for how to tape your hockey stick… and ho to tape it ell. You should neer settle for a sloppy tape job. First things first: there is no right or wrong way to tape a hockey stick. Although there are styles that are more standard than others there are countless combinations and every hockey player has their preference of how to tape their stick. It all comes down to what feels the most comfortable in your hands. Also there is no correct frequency of how often you should tape your twig. Many players prefer a fresh tape job on their blade every time they skate which is a lot easier if you have endless team tape or never run out due to your Hockey Tape subscription. And typically butt ends and shafts rarely need re-taped unless you’re really particular about having a fresh tape feel on those areas.

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Gather all the accessories you need to tape your hockey stick which may or may not include: Regular 1″ or wide 1.5″ cloth tape – any colour although white or black are far-and-away most commonly used Friction tape – relatively uncommon nowadays but has adhesive on both sides for added grip on the puck Grip tape – adds grip who would have thought and a soft texture to the butt end sticky-stick – typically an old piece of a stick wrapped in hockey tape with the adhesive side facing out to be rubbed on a non-grip shaft to apply tackiness as seen below being used by Patrick Kane Stick wax – reduces your blade tape job from getting waterlogged prolonging your tape job and adds some grip to the puck Scissors – for those who prefer a clean toe-covered tape job and/or can’t tear the tape with their hands

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