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Chapter 7Urinary System : 

Chapter 7Urinary System Great website: View presentations at: (Search for “Chabner”) regulation synthesis excretion controlling producing eliminating

Chapter 7Urinary System : 

Chapter 7Urinary System

kidney : 

kidney cortex calyx capsule adrenal renal pelvis renal artery hilus renal vein ureter

glomerulus : 



VOCABULARY arteriole calyx catheter renal cortex electrolyte erythropoietin filtration Small artery. Cup-like collecting region of the renal pelvis. Tube for injecting or removing fluids. Outer region of the kidney. A chemical that carries an electrical charge in a solution. (Na+, K+) (POI-at-in) A hormone, produced in the kidney, that stimulates red blood cell production. A process whereby some substances, but not all, pass through a filter.


VOCABULARY glomerulus meatus medulla nephron reabsorption Tiny ball of capillaries in the renal cortex. Opening or canal; opening from the urethra to the outside of the body. Inner region. The structure, a combination of glomerulus and renal tubule, where filtration, reabsorption, and secretion take place. The process by which renal tubules return materials to the bloodstream.


VOCABULARY renal artery renal pelvis renal tubule renal vein renin Carries blood to the kidneys. Central collecting area of the kidney. Tube in the kidney where urine is formed. Carries blood away from the kidneys. A hormone, secreted by the kidney, that raises blood pressure.


VOCABULARY sodium (Na+) urea ureter urethra A salt (electrolyte) regulated by the kidneys. Major nitrogenous waste product excreted in urine. Tube leading from each kidney to the bladder. Tube leading from the bladder to the outside of the body.

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VOCABULARY uric acid urinary bladder urination voiding micturition Nitrogenous waste excreted in urine. Sac that holds urine. Process of expelling urine.


COMBINING FORMS cyst/o cystitis cystectomy cystostomy glomerul/o meat/o nephro/o nephropathy nephrolithotomy hydronephrosis nephrostomy urinary bladder inflammation of the urinary bladder removal of the urinary bladder incision into the urinary bladder from the outside of the body pertaining to the glomerulus (collection of capillaries in the kidney) meatus kidney disease condition of the kidney incision into the kidney to remove a stone obstruction of the flow of urine temporary opening from the renal pelvis to the outside of the body


COMBINING FORMS pyel/o pyelolithotomy pyelogram ren/o renal ischemia renal colic calculus calculi renal pelvis removal of a large kidney stone X-ray image of the kidneys kidney insufficient supply of blood to the kidney pain resulting from calculi in the kidney or ureter stone stones


COMBINING FORMS ureter/o ureterolithotomy urethr/o urethritis urethroplasty stricture urethral stricture ureter removal of a stone in a ureter urethra inflammation of a urethra repair of a urethra abnormal narrowing abnormal narrowing of a urethra


albumin/o albuminuria azot/o azotemia bacteri/o bacteriuria dips/o polydipsia albumin (a protein) albumin in the urine nitrogen increased nitrogen in the urine bacteria bacteria in the urine thirst excessive thirst COMBINING FORMS


SUBSTANCES AND SYSTEMS ket/o, keton/o ketosis ketonuria lith/o nephrolithiasis noct/i nocturia olig/o oliguria py/o pyuria ketone bodies (ketoacids & acetone) an abnormal increase of ketone bodies excess keton bodies in the urine stone kidney stones night urination at night scanty (little) scanty production of urine pus pus in the urine


SUBSTANCES AND SYSTEMS -tripsy lithotripsy ur/o uremia enuresis diuresis Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH) to crush a procedure that crushes stones urine (urea) toxic condition resulting from abnormal concentration of nitrogenous waste products in blood bedwetting increased secretion of urine a hormone that causes water to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream


PATHOLOGY glomerulonephritis nephrolithiasis polycystic kidneys pyelonephritis renal cell carcinoma renal hypertension inflammation of the kidney glomerulus kidney stones (AKA renal calculi) fluid-filled sacs in and on the kidneys inflammation of the renal pelvis and the renal medulla cancerous tumor of the kidney high blood pressure resulting from renal disease


PATHOLOGY renal failure diabetes insipidus diabetes mellitus insulin diruetic failure of the kidneys inadequate secretion of ADH inadequate secretion or improper utilization of insulin a hormone that lowers the blood sugar level increasing urine production


TESTS, PROCEDURES, ABBREVIATIONS BUN urea IVP cystoscopy dialysis renal biopsy urinary catheterization blood urea nitrogen nitrogenous compound secreted in urine intravenous pyelogram direct visual examination of the bladder with an endoscope process removing nitrogenous waste from the bloodstream removal of kidney tissue for microscopic examination passage of a flexible tube through the urethra into the bladder


ABBREVIATIONS ADH BILI BUN cath Cl- CRF cysto ESRD HD sp gr UA UTI antidiuretic hormone bilirubin blood urea nitrogen catheterization chloride chronic renal failure cystoscopic examination end-stage renal disease hemodialysis specific gravity urinalysis urinary tract infection

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