Tiles,carpet or hardwood flooring

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slides represent the comparison between tiles and carpets which is a better option for flooring.carpet cleaning and odor removal is a difficult task so you can also hire the experts for carpet cleaning .so follow the website given in the slides.


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Tiles,carpet or hardwood flooring::

Tiles,carpet or hardwood flooring: Merits and demerits , uses of tiles , carpets and hardwood flooring

Flooring options::

Flooring options: Cork flooring : cork flooring is known as most eco-friendly flooring .it is most commonly used in bedroom living rooms and kitchens. it is known for its anti-fatigue property. not water damage resistant. cork flooring is a durable and reliable option for flooring.


Carpet: Carpet: carpet allow the growth of mold and bacteria. it's very easy to walk on the carpets. Use recycled carpets for bedrooms and livingrooms . donot use carpets for kitchen and dining area or area with high traffic it is more affected by spots and stains. Carpets are easy to install and pet-friendly. soft and reliable.


Carpet: Comfortable and soft. Can be used with radiant heat. Easier installation. Less likely to cause injury in a fall. Less expensive. Not renewable. The short lifespan of the carpet. Need proper cleaning and maintenance. Available in different materials colors. fade in sunlight. Spots and stain removal is very difficult. Cause of many health issues like mold growth and bacterial growth in carpets.

Tiles: :

Tiles: use environmentally-friendly recycled porcelain and ceramic tiles. they are the best fit for washrooms kitchens and areas where there is a lot of water .because tiles are water resistant. Don't allow the growth of mold and other bacteria in kitchen or washrooms. porcelain and ceramic tiles are not suitable for use in outside doors. Recycled glass tiles are also very eco-friendly. but not suitable for patios and outdoor places.


Tiles: Tiles can easily breakable. Glazed tiles are water and stain resistant. Durable and tough floor. tiles cost $5 per square foot and are a cheaper affordable material for kitchen and washroom because it is water resistant. Tiles are heavier for the second story. Tiles installation is complex and time taking.

Hardwood floors: :

Hardwood floors: Hardwood flooring can last hundreds of years. if proper care and refinishing are done. hardwood flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Hardwood flooring is expensive as compared with the carpet cleaning. Hardwood flooring is more durable and interior designers recommend you to use the hardwood flooring. different shades of wood are available like yellow, pink, orange, purple and black. but people prefer stainless hardwood flooring. Does not harbor mold or other bacteria. Sustainable and renewable. More difficult to install and expensive material.

Hire experts::

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