seismic retrofitting and kitchen remodeling

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slides present methods of seismic retrofitting and kitchen remodeling .what is the importance of kitchen remodeling.why you need to hire the experts for kitchen remodeling.


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seismic retrofitting and kitchen remodeling:

seismic retrofitting and kitchen remodeling Tips for seismic retrofitting and kitchen remoeling

seismic retrofitting::

seismic retrofitting: Seismic retrofitting is the restructuring of the buildings that helps in providing protection from soil motion, earthquakes . techniques used for Seismic Retrofitting are: Techniques: External post tensioning: In external tensioning use heavy and strong steel tendons for balancing the building in emergency situations like due to some reaction under the soil the plates move from one place to another causing earthquake that is very harmful for the building structure s above the soil. Base isolators: its like vibration control that we try to implement in buildings for avoiding damage from earthquakes.

Supplementary dampers::

Supplementary dampers: it is an amazing method in which energy generated due to the motion is transformer into heat. Energy dissipation capacity of building is enhanced by using such a marvelous technique. Exterior concrete columns: we apply the exterior concrete columns that helps in establishing the stability of the building . Advantages: It helps in building a n earthquake-proof structure . it is a best method for restoration of old building that has high significance in history. Provide more stable and strong building structure that are not effected by any thunderstorms , heavy rain and Earthquakes.

kitchen remodeling::

kitchen remodeling: benefits of kitchen remodeling are given below: Improve Functionality: due to the additions or reductions in the kitchen. we add more space for storage and it enhances the functionality of the new kitchen it is easy to use and provide more space for items. Modern Appearance: kitchen remodeling helps in giving a new and modern look to your kitchen. Renovation of the kitchen may include the stove changing, countertops replacement, flooring, and cabinet repainting.

kitchen remodeling::

kitchen remodeling: Enhance the value of your house: kitchen remodeling helps in giving a new and modern look to your kitchen. kitchen remodeling improves the overall look of your house when you are going to sell your house. a modern and luxurious looking kitchen enhance the value of the property. Safe and comfortable: kitchen remodeling helps in adding new shelves and cabinets in the kitchen. they make your kitchen look more comfortable and safe to use. adding new windows for ventilation help to keep the smoke and bad odors away from the kitchen. New cabinets mean more space for your items.

Hire experts::

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