Washing machine repair and cleaning

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Washing machine repair and cleaning:

Washing machine repair and cleaning Tips and tricks for washing machine cleaning

Washing machine cleaning::

Washing machine cleaning: there are two different types of washing machines front loading and top loading there are different methods for cleaning these type of machines: Front loading washing machine: requirement list: baking soda spray bottle cloth white vinegar.

cleaning process::

cleaning process: Before cleaning drum clean the gasket of the washing machine using the white vinegar . increases the washer temperature and add hot water in it . add detergent to it for more effective cleaning results . then run the cycle of the washing machine once then twice if it requires proper deep cleaning. Top loading washing machine cleaning: Requirement list: Hydrogen peroxide. detergent. toothbrush. sponge. cloth.

cleaning process: :

cleaning process: cleaning process: you need to set the temperature higher for washing machine. then add hot water in it. add hydrogen peroxide in the washing machine. dilute the concentrated liquid so it is harmless for the hands and washing machine. Use the toothbrush for cleaning the interior side of the washing machine.you can also use the sponge for cleaning it. then wipe it with the clean cloth.

washing machine repair tips::

washing machine repair tips: Analyze the problem: first of all check for the issue in the washing machine. view the motor is working properly. check all wiring and then try to find out the faulty part of the machine. after detection of the faulty part, you need to remove that part immediately. and then check if your washing machine is working fine. otherwise, if you dont have proper knowledge about machine internal structure it better for you to hire an expert electrician.

Appliance Care and Maintenance guidelines: :

Appliance Care and Maintenance guidelines: Avoid overloading : Avoid overloading clothes in washing machines. it may be time-saving for you but it damages the motors and belts. Sometime these parts and repairing charges are more expensive than a new washing machine. Don't Slam the doors: Avoid using washing machine doors harshly. gently close the doors if the doors are damaged you may have to spend $100 for a new one. Use the right amount and type of detergent. use the types of detergents that help washing machine working in a proper and efficient way. too much amount of detergent is not good for the washing machines. Transfer laundry as soon as done: Transfer your laundry as soon as possible when washing is done. it helps in maintaining your washing machine.


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