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Published on Apr 10, 2019 slides show the difference between the fire alarm and burglar alarms. and what are components of burglar alarm and its working? and how you can hire the experts for burglar alarm installation and repair services


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Burglar Alarms :

Burglar Alarms Burglar alarms and fire alarms and working of burglar alarms.

Burglar alarm::

Burglar alarm: when Burglar alarm is activated it helps to prevent the intruders for entering in to your place. Burglar alarms are used for the safety purpose that helps to protect from intruders Burglar alarms make noise and . Central station monitoring  is an effective means of involving police when home owner is not present at home.

Fire Alarm::

Fire Alarm: detects the presence of fire by monitoring the changes in environment associated with combustion. Ionization smoke alarms are better at detecting fires with flames, while photoelectric smoke alarms remain better at detecting a smoldering fire. fire alarms detect the smoke in the area and alert the homeowner. major goal is to detect a fire and get people out of the building. components of a fire alarm are: heat detector smoke detector or pull station.

Burglar alarm Components::

Burglar alarm Components: Modern Burglar alarms has the following parts central or control unit. Sensors Fire alarms has heat detectors and smoke detectors attached with them.

Burglar alarm Working: :

Burglar alarm Working: burglar alarm sensors are connected to a central or control unit that operates by sending out a signal when an outsider try to enter your place, fire or panic was identified. Burglar alarm signals may be in the form of loud noises. The most advanced burglar alarms systems work by sending signals by the telephone lines or the Internet. It is possible that the house owner may be alerted when there is an intrusion. alerts when there is a fire or another abnormal activity .the central monitoring burglar alarms also inform the nearest police station .


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