TV mounting and TV installation

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Slides represent the process of mounting a tv on the wall. and what is proper height to mount a tv set on the wall?. and how you can hire the experts for tv installation and mounting process .


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TV mounting and TV installation :

TV mounting and TV installation TV installation and TV mounting Written by : Anna Sarah

TV Mounting to wall::

TV Mounting to wall: here are steps for wall mounting the flat panel TV. 1. bracket selection and mounting to flat screen TV : select the bracket for your TV. or obtain it online by providing the size and brand of your flat panel TV set. use the users manual for guidance. lay the TV on the surface and check the TV is mountable or not. the user manual explains the method of mounting. look for four holes at the back of a TV . put the mounting brackets on the back of the TV, aligning them as stated in your mounting directions after attaching the bracket with the flat panel half work is done use a screwdriver for tightening of bolts.

2. Mount your flat screen to the wall ::

2.  Mount your flat screen to the wall : find the studs in the wall. mark your studs with a pencil. drill pilot holes in the wall according to the pattern of holes in the bracket of your flat panel TV. pick up your TV and hang it on the wall. check the mounting if it is moving or not fixed properly then it may not hold your TV for long time screws need to be tightened

Steps for TV mounting ::

Steps for TV mounting : Three simple steps for TV mounting on the wall Attach brackets to the TV. attach the bracket to the back of your TV screen. tightened the screws . connect the wall plate . connect the wall plate. check all bolts and screws are tightened properly. Mount TV to the wall . hang the tv to the wall.

height measurements:

height measurements TV mounting height measurements: Here are a few rough measurements for different sizes of TV screens and heights for mounting the screens. television screens: 26 inches screen mount almost 48 inches to center of wall . 30 inches screen mount almost 52 inches to center of wall . 34 inches screen mount almost 54 inches to center of wall.

Hire experts for TV mounting:

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