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Slides present the information about types of alarms and camera. and why you need to install a security camera and what are the benefits and disadvantages of security cameras.


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Alarms &Cameras ::

Alarms &Cameras : Home security camera installation and replacement Written by : Anna Sarah

Contents ::

Contents : WHY you need security camera . Types of alarm and cameras for Home . Benefits of security cameras . Disadvantages of cameras . Contact .

Why you need a camera or alarm::

Why you need a camera or alarm: Protection : Security cameras provide protection to family and property. Provides safety for pets also . prevent home intruders from staying too long : since there is a higher possibility of them being scared away when an alarm is sounding loudly . Reduce Energy Consumption : You can access the home appliances remotely whenever you are not at home .

Need for cameras &Alarm ::

Need for cameras &Alarm : Detect fire and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning : Humans cannot detect carbon monoxide because it is colorless and odorless can be harmful. Help in detection of fire . Keep an eye on kids : If you have automatic door locks, you can even remotely unlock them to let the kids in after school . You can have a look at your kids and monitor their activities .

Types of alarms and cameras ::

Types of alarms and cameras : Types of Security Cameras: Fixed cameras . Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras (PTZ ) . Virtual PTZ or 360-Degree . Types of alarms : Fire Alarm . Carbon monoxide alarm . Flood alarm . Weather alarm .

Benefits of alarms and camera::

Benefits of alarms and camera: Security and protection . Detect crimes . Prevent intruders from entering into your property . Alarm alert you by sending notifications about flood , fire or leakage of gas at home . Brings peace of mind and satisfaction. Remotely control your home . Increase value of your house .

Disadvantages of security cameras::

Disadvantages of security cameras: Expensive . Intruders can find a way to save themselves from capturing . Cannot stop theft . Vulnerable .

Contact ::

Contact : Phone : 818-233-0202 . Email : . For more details please visit our website : Residential Security Camera Services Agoura Hills CA

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