The wind and the sun

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By N. Annapurna Class:11 PRT Sec: B K.V. No. 1 Golconda Sub: Topic: The wind and the sun

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*Wind * Sun

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Wind: Sun, can you see that man walking down the road? I can get his coat off more quickly than you can. Sun (smiling) : We will see who is stronger : I will let you try first.

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The wind started puffing and blowing hard :

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Man: How strong the wind is today! It is blowing my coat away! I must hold it tightly round myself.

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Man(pulling his coat tightly): How cold it is!

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Wind: Sun, I give up. I cannot get his coat off! Sun: Now it is my turn. Let me try. (He shines hard.)

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Man: What a funny day! It was so cold and now it is so hot! Sun (shining harder): I will make him feel hotter and hotter.

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Man ( wiping his face): I must take off my coat!

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Sun: Wind, I have won. I have made him take off his coat!

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Observe these pictures and write sentences about them:

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spellings Add ‘er’ to these words: strong stronger cold _______ hot _______ big _______

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Wiping his face

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Wiping its eye

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Name these ‘doing words’: 1. 2.

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3. 4.

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