Dry Vs Steam Carpet Cleaning - Know Which One Is The Best

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Considering to clean your carpets? Here are some tips to choose a best carpet cleaning method. To find a best carpet cleaning services provider near you, visit: https://www.steamextoledo.com


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UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE Sometimes it becomes difficult to find a carpet-cleaning method that works for you. One of the dilemmas people experience in this situation is whether they should have Steam or Dry Cleaning performed on their carpet. There are a number of hidden dust particles and stains present in the deeper layers of your carpet which can’t be completely removed with a DIY method. Only a commercial carpet cleaner can help in removing all the debris and stains from deeper layers of your carpet. W W W . S T E A M E X T O L E D O . C O M

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F O O T E R Undoubtedly each cleaning method has its advantages and disadvantages. Are you facing difficulty in choosing between a dry carpet cleaning or steam cleaning Here are some pros and cons discussed which will help you to decide between a dry carpet cleaning or steam cleaning:

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STEAM CARPET CLEANING: This carpet cleaning method does not actually use steam it uses hot water to clean the carpets. Cleaning detergents are added to the hot water to make it more effective for removing stubborn stains. Here are some pros and cons of this method:

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Pros of Steam Cleaning: A FEW CHEMICALS ARE USED: Mostly all commercial carpet cleaning companies use commonly found detergents to clean carpets. No unusual or potentially toxic chemicals are being used by them. THERE ARE MANY EXPERIENCED PROVIDERS AVAILABLE: A number of experienced commercial carpet cleaning providers are available to help you in cleaning your carpet. GREEN CLEANING CAN BE PERFORMED: Some companies 100 natural and completely biodegradable products like white vinegar and pure soap.

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Cons of Steam Cleaning: STAIN PROTECTION CAN BE REMOVED: THE STAIN MAY REOCCUR WHILE DRYING: NOT SUITABLE FOR OLDER CARPETS THE CARPETS WILL BE WET: Steam cleaning your carpet l eaves your carpet wet sometimes for days allowing bacteria and mold to grow. When you carpet will get exposed to water or detergent then there are some chances of removal of stain protection. If the stains were caused by mold mildew or fungus then stains may reoccur during the drying process of your carpet. This method is not suitable for older jute or other carpets made with natural fibers.

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DRY CARPET CLEANING: It refers to a “very low moisture” carpet cleaning systems. This method will let you wait lesser. Cleaning is performed by using dry chemical compounds or cleaning solvents. Here are some pros and cons of Dry carpet cleaning discussed below:

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Pros of Dry Carpet Cleaning: VERY LESSER DRYING TIME: You can immediately use the carpets after completion of the cleaning process. SIMPLE AND FAST TO PERFORM: It is straightforward to clean a carpet using this technique however care must be taken to apply the chemical cleaners correctly.

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Cons of Dry Carpet Cleaning: CHEMICALS MIGHT BE HARSH: Some chemicals may cause an offensive odor or an adverse reaction in people who have a chemical sensitivity. CLEANING COMPOUND CAN BE LEFT IN THE CARPET: Chemical compounds may damage your carpet over time. CLEANING IS NOT MUCH DEEPER: A dry carpet cleaning does not penetrate into the deepest layers of your carpet.

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On the bases of the above pros and cons one can easily decide between dry and steam carpet cleaning.  To give your carpet a thorough clean contact a commercial carpet cleaner today

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