genetic response to climate change

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Genetic Response to Climate Change : 

Genetic Response to Climate Change Anna Babakhanyan Biology 7 Dr. Green-Marrqouin

Temperature Impact : 

Temperature Impact The impact that is caused by the change of temperature on species in molecular and genetic level is an important factor that has not been given much attention to.

Phylochronology : 

Phylochronology Phylochronology: the study of populations in space and time using phylogenetic and population genetic methods.

Slide 4: 

This experiment is conducted using 2 different mammalian species at different environmental conditions and comparing it to its genetic diversity.


THE TWO species BEING STUDIED ARE… Microtus montanus Thomomys talpoides

Slide 6: 

The fossil sequences of the two species, Microtus montanus and Thomomys talpoides, ranged within the last 3000 years. Fossil remains were found in the Lamar Cave located in the Yellowstone National Park

Holocene climate change : 

Holocene climate change Two species are tracked down and compared with the climate change that took place during the late Holocene climate change. In specific, the two periods were Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.


THE DIFFERENT PERIODS Medieval Warm Period Little Ice Age period 1,150 to 650 ybp (years before present) Period both of the species population decreased dramatically 650 ybp to 50 ybp Population increased because of favorable environment.

Slide 9: 

The two species had responded differently to the climate change in the genetic level due to differences in the ability to disperse and population substructure.


WHAT WAS OBSERVED? Researchers observe… Influence of fossil records Influence of changes in genetic diversity in the evolutionary forces of gene flow, drift, and mutation rate over time Population size, statistical significance, and gene diversity through time

Aging : 

Aging M. Microtus fossils were pooled into five discrete intervals for Lamar Cave which represented the last 3000 years.

Estimate of population size : 

Estimate of population size Geographical Information System Calculated population size by using the areas that the 2 species preferred.

Genetic data- M. montanus : 

Genetic data- M. montanus Ancient DNA was collected by using the upper first molar and using the ABI PRISM 310 Genetic Analyzer. Modern DNA was obtained from skin, liver tissue, museum skin, and teeth. 81 modern Microtus and 48 M. Montanus

Genetic data- T. talpoides : 

Genetic data- T. talpoides Taken from previously researched data sets Demonstrated large continuity in gene diversity throughout the years

Relative abundance (%) : 

Relative abundance (%)

Summarized statistics : 

Summarized statistics

Genetic diversiry : 

Genetic diversiry

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